Man Kills Wife and Daughter, Commits Suicide Over Pink Bedroom

Sept. 4, 1933, Comics

Sept. 4, 1933, Streetcar Crash
Sept. 4, 1933: A streetcar broadsides an auto at the crossing on Olympic Boulevard between Broadway and Figueroa, killing two people and leaving two others near death, The Times said.

A man fatally stabs his estranged wife and daughter, then slits his throat after an argument because his wife had the bedroom painted pink.

The vice squad raids the Cock Roost in North Hollywood, a club on South Main and the Tia Juana Inn at 1150 Santa Monica Boulevard. Police arrested 13 people on assorted charges of gambling and liquor violations. More than 100 clubs have been raided since the vice squad began raids less than a week ago.

Seven young women come to Hollywood seeking stardom in a “film experiment.” You have never heard of any of them.

Erich von Stroheim’s third wife, Valerie, is in the hospital after being badly burned in a bizarre accident when she went for a shampoo and manicure at Jim’s Beauty Shop, 6769 Sunset Blvd. The Stroheims met during the filming of “The Heart of Humanity.”

529 S. Pecan St.
529 Pecan St., via Google Earth View.

Ramulo Estrada killed his wife, Mercedes, and daughter Conchita — then committed suicide — because Mercedes didn’t ask him before painting the bedroom pink.

According to The Times, Mercedes, 42 and Conchita, 19, were living in the home at 529 S. Pecan St., while her estranged husband, Ramulo, lived in a small house at the rear of the property.

Mercedes’ brother Rafael Andejas, who lived at 523 S. Pecan St., told police that she had recently filed for divorce after being separated for more than a year.

Rafael said he had been visiting his sister when Ramulo arrived and began a friendly argument over the color scheme of the bedroom.

He went home but rushed back when he heard his sister scream, just in time to see Ramulo raise a butcher knife and slit his own throat after stabbing Mercedes and Conchita.

All three died en route to the Georgia Street Receiving Hospital, The Times said.

Sept. 4, 1933, Murder-Suicide

Sept. 4, 1933, Screen Beauties

Sept. 4, 1933, Streetcar Crash


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9 Responses to Man Kills Wife and Daughter, Commits Suicide Over Pink Bedroom

  1. Eve says:

    More depressing than the Sherwin-Williams murder to me are those Hollywood hopefuls. Unless they were hoping to become script girls or secretaries . . . Wonder whatever happened to them?


  2. Charles Seims says:

    There were no Pacific Electric red car lines on Olympic Boulevard between Broadway and Figueroa, nor any of the yellow cars of the Los Angeles Railway. There were four north-south tracks of the LA Railway that crossed Olympic, the “U” line on Figueroa, the “J” line on South Grand, “A” and “L” lines on South Hill St., and the shared tracks of the “9” , “10” “5” “W” and “P” car lines on South Broadway. The Hill Street trackage was dual gauge, and the standard gauge line of the Pacific Electric Venice Short Line ran there as well. So Hill and Olympic was probably where the accident occurred. Hard to understand why the newspaper account was so vague.


  3. Mary Mallory says:

    Poor Valerie von Stroheim. She was awarded damages in court from the hairdresser, who tried to declare bankruptcy and get away and she had to take them to court again, where the judge severely admonished them.


    • I read that Valerie ended up owning the salon. In one of the Stroheim bios (written many years ago) it is mentioned that when Valerie was literally on fire, one of the hairdressers grabbed a fur coat in an attempt to snuff the flames, but the owner of the coat grabbed it and refused to let it be used. Credible? The owner of the coat was allegedly a movie star.


  4. What exactly happened to Valerie Von Stroheim that she was burned? They never say specifically in the article.


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