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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Paramount Pictures’ School of Acting Trains Junior Stars

  An ad for “Fascinating Youth.” How do you make a movie star? Can you mold virgin and unproven talent into respected and popular screen performers, or is stardom just a result of some undefinable yet unique charm, personality, or … Continue reading

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The Death of Ted Healy — Part 7

Sept. 20, 1934: The Cafe Trocadero opens at “8610 Boulevard de la Sunset.” Before going further into the death of Ted Healy, I thought it would be interesting to look at the club where the incident occurred,  The Trocadero, which … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Murder and Myth – Part 3

In case you just tuned in, I am using the Wikipedia entry on Wallace Beery – alleging that he was involved in the death of Ted Healy – as a way to explore Wikipedia’s fundamental problems with accuracy and delve … Continue reading

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May 5, 1938

Above, Thelma Todd’s famous (or notorious) Inn … Below, George Sakalis says he was offered $3,000 to keep his mouth shut in the trial of Police Capt. Earle Kynette in the Harry Raymond bombing … Jackie Coogan says he brought … Continue reading

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