Black Dahlia: Don’t Spend Money on the FBI Files


Every so often, some EBay vendor gets the clever idea of selling the FBI’s files on the Black Dahlia case. In this instance, it’s someone in the UK selling Part 1 | and Part 2.

Of course, you can download the file for free from the FBI.

That is for free.

Note that the FBI mistakenly gives Elizabeth Short the middle name of “Ann.” In fact, she had no middle name.

Be warned that the FBI had no jurisdiction in the case and that the files ares heavily redacted. Like this:

FBI File Elizabeth Short

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4 Responses to Black Dahlia: Don’t Spend Money on the FBI Files

  1. Eve says:

    People also sell “books” on Amazon that are just printed-out internet searches and Wikipedia pages.

    Barnum was wrong; there are TWO born every minute.


  2. Justin says:

    How is your book coming along? Rarely am I so looking forward to a book as much as yours.


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