Florabel Muir’s ‘Headline Happy’


A copy of Florabel Muir’s 1950 “Headline Happy” has been listed on EBay for $45 or make an offer. Muir was a newspaperwoman in Los Angeles and discusses the usual suspects, including Bugsy Siegel (she describes the murder scene) and Mickey Cohen (yes, she took a bullet in the famous attempt to kill Cohen at Sherry’s).

“Headline Happy” covers some of the same ground as Agness Underwood’s “Newspaperwoman” (1949) and Jim Richardson’s “For the Life of Me” (1954), but I find “Headline Happy” better written and more reliable.  Of the three, Richardson’s book suffers the most from the problems that plague all autobiographies.

“Headline Happy” is a bit hard to find, especially for less than $50.

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2 Responses to Florabel Muir’s ‘Headline Happy’

  1. I see there are a few copies available for loan through LINK+, for those whose local library participates in this program.


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