1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Aug. 1, 1944

Aug. 1, 1944, Comics

Aug. 1, 1944

What a picture for Clark Cable, “The Life of Lucky Baldwin,” who was one of California’s most colorful characters. Lunched with Louis B. Mayer and he told me producer Everett Riskin is now preparing the biography for Clark, and there are two women of equal important who were wooed and won by that impetuous gentleman.

Eddie Mannix, who is very enthusiastic over Clark’s making this picture, told me something about Baldwin. He said the story by Ethel Hill had been bought from 20th Century-Fox and it had taken months to clear the film rights with the family. Baldwin owned the first big American racing stable. He liked horses and women, and his actual fortune came from gold mines. The big Baldwin estate is in Arcadia, Calif., and when he died he left a huge fortune to his daughters, Anita Baldwin and Clara Baldwin Stocker. Both are dead, and Captain Baldwin, Anita’s son, heir to the estate, is now with the armed forces overseas.

Martha Tilton, with the Jack Benny troupe in the South Pacific, writes: “We were recently in Tarawa. Then men there hadn’t seen a woman for about 22 months, so you can imagine the reception Carole (Landis) and I received.”

LEO: Similar indications for you as for Cancer now. Extra care advised in plans, arrangements for important projects. You can enjoy a useful day.

Note: The Clark Gable project on “The Life of Lucky Baldwin” was never made. Hedda Hopper wrote on April 28, 1948, that Errol Flynn had been loaned to MGM to make “Lucky Baldwin” in exchange for Warners getting William Powell for “Life With Father.”  Hopper said Flynn didn’t like the Baldwin project, adding: “I don’t blame him. Clark Gable and every other important star at Metro has turned it down.”

From the Philadelphia Inquirer via Fultonhistory.com.

Aug. 1, 1944, Louella Parsons

Aug. 1, 1944, Horoscope

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