Black Dahlia: A New ‘Suspect’ (Who Isn’t Dr. George Hodel) and a New Dimension in Lunacy


Nobody does “true” crime stories quite like the Brits. And the Daily Mail is all over this one.

Suppose I told you that Suzanne Degnan (1946), the Black Dahlia (1947), Jimmy Hoffa (disappeared 1975), the Zodiac victims (late 1960s) AND JonBenet Ramsey (1996) were killed by the same man?

And that it WASN’T Dr. George Hodel?

That is the totally crazy theory of “retired cold case detective” John Cameron, who calls himself “Cold Case Cameron” and is the author of “IT’S ME, Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You Never Heard Of.”

I’ve seen a lot of crackpot stuff written about the Black Dahlia case but this takes it to a whole new level of absurdity. And the sad thing is that somewhere, someone is going to take this nonsense seriously. He’s a retired police detective…. he must know what he’s talking about. (Does that remind you of anyone else?)


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I will let the Zodiac folks dispense with the Zodiac claims and the JonBenet people deal with the JonBenet claims and focus on the Black Dahlia case.

“Cold Case Cameron’s” subject is Edward Wayne Edwards, whom he says was born June 14, 1933, in Akron, Ohio, as Charles Edward Myers.

Let’s do some elementary math.

Elizabeth Short was killed Jan. 15, 1947, when Edwards was (wait for it)  13 years old. Which, if it were true, would surely be a record in the annals of crime. Except that when Suzanne Degnan was killed in January 1946, Edwards was 12.

But wait, there’s more!

According to “Cold Case Cameron,” there were two earlier victims in 1945,  Frances Brown when Edwards was 12 and Josephine Ross when Edwards was 11.


And in case you are wondering what Edwards was actually doing in October 1946, according to his autobiography, he had vandalized a church. And burned a Bible. Never mind that according to “Cold Case Cameron,” he had already killed three women.

Let’s see what “Cold Case Cameron” uses for evidence in the Black Dahlia case.

Oh my.

According to “Cold Case Cameron,” the strip of photos on the right shows his subject Edward Wayne Edwards. Who was 13 years old at the time.

Our friend is 13 years old? I don’t think so.
Edward Wayne Edwards at the age of 21.


Wow. I don’t know how anybody could look at these two pictures and and say that they are the same person. I, for one, am thankful that “Cold Case Cameron” has retired.

This book is listed on Amazon. I think the reviews are my favorite part:

A five-star review from the author’s brother and threats of a lawsuit.

Another illustration of what I have said for years: It is impossible to say something so outlandish and ridiculous about the Black Dahlia case that it won’t attract at least a few followers.

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12 Responses to Black Dahlia: A New ‘Suspect’ (Who Isn’t Dr. George Hodel) and a New Dimension in Lunacy

  1. JR says:

    How utterly ridiculous!! I agree, it is a good thing this guy is retired. I think maybe new detective’s eyes are in order to sift through this guys previous case files for errors in his career as a cop. If he uses this sort of thinking for his book, I am afraid to think of his logic in cases he was in charge of!!!


  2. LC says:

    Stay calm, this too shall pass.
    Do you think that the Elizabeth Short case can ever be solved?


  3. Eve says:

    Oh, those ’40s teens, with their zoot suits and jitterbugging and serial killing! Whaddaya gonna do.


    • cathsparks says:

      I agree with Eve. I’m picturing Andy Hardy flagpole-sitting, phonebooth-cramming, & ritual-murdering, whenever he & Judy weren’t busy rounding up fellow bobby-soxers, “putting on a show”!


      • Eve says:

        Judge Hardy: “Now, Andy, you young scamp, did you cut Polly Benedict in half and drain her of blood and leave her in front of Betsy Booth’s house?”

        Andy: “Gee whiz, Dad, I promise I won’t do it again.”


      • cathsparks says:

        You just caused me to do an involuntary spit-take of carrot cake, Eve! Which, apparently, is a thing…


  4. Alan Smithee says:

    Going to the site of this retired detective, he claims also that Edwards murdered…are you ready for it…the following people:
    Chris Byers, Michael Moore, and Steven Branch (The West Memphis Three case), the Atlanta Child Murders victims, Chandra Levy (no, really), Laci Peterson (again, no, really), and numerous others. I’m surprised that he didn’t say Edwards had also committed the Lake Waco murders, the Nicole Brown Simpson-Ron Goldman murders, the Eastburn murders, or the MacDonald murders.

    This is lunacy at it’s highest form.

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. jazzkickerr says:

    I am thoroughly convinced, after reading “The Most Dangerous Animal of All” by Gary L. Stewart, the claimed biological son of the Zodiac, that the Zoduac was indeed Earl Van Best. Please see the record inserts, the results of the research of Gary and cops, the pictures and the information about Gary’s mother. A beautifully written book listed at Amazon.

    There are many theories as to who the Zodiac was, but at this point I am convinced the Zodiac was Earl Van Best. Gary was adopted by a wonderful couple during his infancy. Read the book. You’ll love it.


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