Black Dahlia: Here’s Some More Bad Books on the Black Dahlia Case

corroborating_evidence In compiling my list of bad books about the Black Dahlia case, I neglected to mention William T. Rasmussen’s fringe publication “Corroborating Evidence,” which I had forgotten, mainly because it’s so nutty that I won’t even let it in the house.

Executive summary: The Black Dahlia case is utterly unrelated to any other killing. Not the Cleveland Torso killings. Not the Georgette Bauerdorf case. Not the Suzanne Degnan killing. And not the Jeanne French murder.

In “Corroborating Evidence,” Rasmussen tries to tie them  together. Apparently there is a “Corroborating Evidence” franchise with “new evidence.” Funny thing about crackpot books: There is always “new evidence” to support some bogus claim, while never addressing the fundamental weakness of the theory.

its_me_cover There’s also “It’s Me,” by John A. Cameron. Cameron claims that Elizabeth Short and Suzanne Degnan were killed by Edward Wayne Edwards, who would have been 13 when he killed Elizabeth Short and 12 when he killed Suzanne Degnan. Edwards also supposedly killed another victim when he was 12 and still another at the age of 11, and my head is going to explode if I don’t stop.

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