No Carole Lombard Death Photos Here or Anywhere Else!


No Google search drives more traffic to the L.A. Daily Mirror than some permutation of “Carole Lombard Death Scene” or “Carole Lombard’s Head” or “Carole Lombard Decapitated” or “Did They Ever Find Carole Lombard’s Wedding Ring?” And as I have noted before, there are no Carole Lombard death scene photos here. I wouldn’t publish them if there were any.

But Eve Golden reports after reading Robert Matzen’s “Fireball” that Lombard’s body was never photographed, at least according to Matzen.

Eve writes:

Her body was found under a wing, so is not in any crash site photos, and none were taken at the morgue at the behest of the studios, because they knew damn well they would be leaked! She was ID’d through dental records.

And Eve says the book was much better than she expected.

So folks, stop looking for Carole Lombard snuff pictures. There aren’t any.

Thanks Eve!


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4 Responses to No Carole Lombard Death Photos Here or Anywhere Else!

  1. Eve says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the book, I feared it would be money down the terlet. It could have used a good editing–one stewardess had taken a “crash course” [!]–but was pretty well written, researched and interesting.

    My main complaint is that he did not use MY Jean Harlow biography for his Harlow research!


  2. Jo Anne says:

    Carole Lombard was a Classy, Elegant woman, why would any ghoul want a death scene picture? And why every three or four years does this morbid senile question come up? enough!


    • lmharnisch says:

      There is a macabre, sensationalist element that thrives on the Internet that specializes in body shots, morgue photos, grisly car crashes, etc. The pictures of Elizabeth Short, unfortunately, have been spread all over the Internet.


  3. Zabadu says:

    The studio clean up crew did the right thing once. Amazing!


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