Christmas 1942


Merry Christmas, Storekeeper Third Class Norman Krause, Marine Private  John  Porter and Water Tender Clyde Lund, wherever you are.

Christmas 1942 Christmas 1942

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    Can we find out if any of these three guys are still with us or what became of them? It would make a great follow up story.


  2. Dick Morris says:

    After some research I’ll say that Norman Krause was Norman L. Krause of Hutchinson, Kansas. He enlisted in March 4, 1942. In December, 1942 he was serving on the USS Cassipeia (AK-75), a liberty ship commissioned December 8, 1942. He was first received on board on the day the ship was commissioned.

    A summary from his obituary from the Hutchinson (KS) News, August 10, 2005 – Born in 1917, He attended Hutchinson High School, Hutchinson Community College, and the University of Iowa. He was associated with Krause Plow Corporation from 1946 and served as President for 35 years and Chairman of the Board for 20 years. He was active in numerous communitee activities. He was in the Navy for 4-1/2 years, being discharged as a Lieutenant jg in 1946. He died August 8, 2005.


  3. Dick Morris says:

    Clyde Lund was Clyde Emery Lund, born June 25, 1917 in Newark, Iowa, and died January 8, 2001. He served during WWII from February, 1939 though September, 1945 and again in the Korean War from March, 1951 through February, 1952. He served on several ships during WWII, including the USS Northampton (CA-26), and USS Wharton (AP-7). He was also shown on the USS Charles Carroll where he was serving in December, 1942 with the annotation “crew of USS Edward Rutledge.” The Rutledge landed troops in French Moracco and shortly afterwards was sunk by torpedo’s from German submarine U-130 on November 12, 1942. 15 men were lost. That occured only a few weeks before the letter mentioned in the article. He also served on the USS Thorn (DD647). He is buried in Plateville, Colorado. According to his obituray in The Denver Post, January 18, 2001, he retired from Coors Brewery Company and died in Fort Morgan, Colorado. He had been a member of the VFW, Elks, Masons, and Shrine.

    For John Porter from New York City, I’m afraid the name is too common and the city too large to figure out who he was without considerable effort.


  4. Cindy Walters says:

    Dick Morris, Thank You for the research on two American Heroes ! Rest in Peace Mr. Krause. Rest in Peace Mr. Lund. Many Thanks to both of you for Your Service and Sacrifice ❤


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