May 28, 1958



Above and at left. two World War I planes are parked with a Super Sabre to publicize a flight to Pittsburgh for an air show. Times aviation writer Marvin Miles noted that the planes had machine guns, Vickers on the Nieuport 28 and Spandaus on the Fokker D-VII …

Also: A three-column picture of Charles Stack and his mother, Rosemarie Bowe, while his father Robert Stack is filming a movie in Spain … A witness tells a state Senate panel that the Mexican border should be closed to those who don’t have passports or visas to curb drug traffic.
"It is no coincidence that a flood of heroin started coming in when the Communists completed consolidation of the Orient," Robert A. Neeb Jr. says.

And the Biltmore Theater at 5th Street and Grand is sold after a 34-year run. The site, at left, was used for expansion of what is now the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. (Note: Google’s street view gets horribly confused if you try to follow 5th Street from Spring to Grand in downtown Los Angeles).

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