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Fatal plunge

Oct. 26, 1957Los Angeles There are so many things we don’t about this case. We don’t know where Elizabeth Eigel Senigram was going. We don’t know where she had been. We don’t know if she had any relatives except an … Continue reading

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Melchior robbers caught

June 22, 1957 Los AngelesĀ  Wayne Burke, Richard McFall and Alfred J. Pope fled into the night in what they thought was a clean getaway. McFall said: “Burke and I got in my car and J. [Pope] took furs and … Continue reading

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Mulholland robbery

June 19, 1957 Los Angeles Meet Louis Spivak, a hard-luck guy if there ever was one. The whole thing started and ended with him. Spivak, the brother of musician Charlie Spivak, had been in the joint at Folsom and transferred … Continue reading

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Matt Weinstock

May 10, 1957 At the rate landmarks are disappearing, a person could easily make a career of chasing down outmoded civic scenery under some such title as "What Happened to (Insert Name Here)?" I don’t know what happened to Insert … Continue reading

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