Raymond bombing



Feb. 4, 1938
Los Angeles

Dist. Atty. Buron Fitt investigates charges that Los Angeles city and county officials are being bribed to protect gambling in "Little Tokio" … The city’s first "skyscraper" at Court and New High Street is torn down after being damaged in the Long Beach earthquake … An amendment to a proposed law banning parking on east-west streets during rush hour seeks an exemption for taxicabs. (Sound familiar?) On the runover, an update in the Harry Raymond bombing and a radio address by Mayor Frank Shaw. (Aren’t these old movie ads great?)

Quotes of the day:

"South Broadway between 4th and 8th streets seems to be something of a mecca for plump females. Particularly at the fountain lunches where they are seen downing pie ala mode, giant malts and French pastry in great quantities. An eminent scientist states desire to overeat in a woman indicates she is suffering from the need of love." –E.V. Durling

"To every citizen of Los Angeles, I say: Beware lest you listen to devils of the underworld, to the enemies of the American nation, speaking to you in the voice of the would-be reformer." –Mayor Frank Shaw, defending the Los Angeles Police Department



Click here to download the full page: Download 1938_0204_cover.jpg

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1 Response to Raymond bombing

  1. Vincent says:

    Fascinating stuff, and I got a kick out of those movie ads. Strange seeing Walter Connolly, one of the all-time great character actors, in a lead role, and in a drama to boot. He normally played comedic roles, such as the heiress’ father (“It Happened One Night,” “Libeled Lady”) — and if he didn’t, Eugene Pallette did. (Recently I did an entry on the old movie palaces of South Broadway and vicinity for my blog, “Carole & Co.” — dedicated to Lombard and classic Hollywood — at http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/71388.html)
    Speaking of character actors…a few years ago I had the opportunity to interview the great William Schallert, who was appearing in a play here in the east, and when I noted I’d seen the name “Edwin Schallert” on a Times byline while doing research, he said that was his father (the Schallerts’ Los Angeles roots date back to the 1880s). He also mentioned that his father, who was a stage critic, retired from The Times in 1958 after 39 years there. So that’s something else from ’58 you should keep an eye out on.


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