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Chicago Schools to Teach Sex Education; Work Crew Digs Up Skeleton

New straw hats at Mullen & Bluett, Broadway and 6th Street. Straw hats are “jaunty, clever, correct.” But we knew that, right? July 10, 1913: Sex “hygiene” will be taught in the Chicago high schools after a vote by the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Stands in for London

Spring Street and 4th in downtown Los Angeles is one of the most popular film locations in the city. It recently stood in for New York, complete with an NYC bus and a subway entrance. Last night, we had the … Continue reading

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Stonewall Jackson Dies! Los Angeles Star, June 20, 1863

The Los Angeles Star, from the Huntington Library and scanned by USC, is available on USC’s website. June 20, 1863: The Star, a strong advocate for the Confederacy, puts the Richmond Whig’s account of Stonewall Jackson’s death on the front … Continue reading

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Einar Petersen Mural From the Rosslyn Hotel — Found on EBay

An Einar Petersen mural from the Rosslyn Hotel. A vendor on EBay has listed what is apparently one of Einar Petersen’s long-lost murals from the Rosslyn Hotel — in rather sorry condition. The price is Buy It Now for $5,000. … Continue reading

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Movieland Mystery Photo – Clara Bow Edition

What really got me wondering about “It” is the mystery department store. We have seen that the “The Public Enemy” and “Employees’ Entrance” used the May Co. Let’s take a look.

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Movieland Mystery Photo – DTLA Edition (Updated +)

What is the mystery downtown Los Angeles landmark in this mystery film? Update: OK… Everybody (nearly) has recognized this building. It’s a landmark. Now… What is the movie? C’mon silent film fans!

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Los Angeles Theatre — Business and Preservation

In passing the Los Angeles Theatre last night, I saw a notice of June 6 hearing on several business being proposed for the structure. The big question is what exactly would be done to the interior and how much the … Continue reading

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Women’s History — Gertrude S. Reynolds McMullen

This postcard of the Southwest Turquoise Co., 113 N. Broadway, has been listed on EBay. The shop would have been roughly across the street from the old Times Building at 1st and Broadway. Bidding on the postcard starts at $8. … Continue reading

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What Cheer Saloon

The entire issue of the Los Angeles Star is available via USC, scanned from a copy at the Huntington. April 11, 1863: Very slim pickings for local news this week as nearly the entire issue of the Los Angeles Star … Continue reading

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Human Fly Flees Hall of Justice

April 4, 1943: Col. Darryl F. Zanuck comes under criticism for trying to return to civilian life. (Zanuck said there wasn’t much chance that he would make more movies of combat.) Sen. Harry Truman (D-Mo.) of the Senate War Program … Continue reading

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LAPD Chief Wants More Police; Terrible Traffic – 1913

April 3, 1913: That is author L. Frank Baum and composer Louis F. Gottschalk, the team behind “The Tik-Tok Man of Oz,” which was a blockbuster in Los Angeles. The Times said it “is the reigning sensation of the local … Continue reading

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When L.A. Becomes New York

Being in L.A. is like living on a huge movie set. The white trucks are everywhere. Because I work downtown, I’m accustomed to seeing it standing in for – yes – New York. All the time. Here are some recent … Continue reading

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Bearthina Is Missing

March 27, 1913: Mrs. C.H. Hampton, 139 S. Olive St., is a woman with a stretch of bad luck. First her husband died, and then in December the former Mrs. Schwartz married a man named Hampton who talked her into … Continue reading

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LAPD in Standoff With Mad Gunman

The 900 block of South Francisco Street via Google Street View. March 19, 1913: F.C. Fredericks presents the LAPD with a difficult situation in the days before tear gas and swat teams (or indeed before negotiations by telephone). Fredericks was … Continue reading

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L.A. Conservancy Announces Last Remaining Seats for 2013

The L.A. Conservancy has posted its lineup for the Last Remaining Seats – which is one of my favorite downtown L.A. events – and I have to say I’m underwhelmed. June 1: “To Catch a Thief” at the Orpheum. June … Continue reading

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Good Fellows Grotto – Found on EBay

At left, Good Fellows Grotto on Main Street in Los Angeles in a photo from the restaurant’s menu. Somebody swiped a teapot from Good Fellows Grotto, the famed Los Angeles restaurant. It’s listed on EBay with bids starting at $78.

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On Location: The May Co.

A little of Loretta Young (featured this month on TCM) goes a long way at the Daily Mirror HQ, but I noticed these shots of a department store in “Employees’ Entrance” and they reminded me of the sequence in “Public … Continue reading

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Punk Rock Riot on Sunset Boulevard!

  How about this retro artwork on the ad for “Nicholas Nickleby?” Sort of Peter Max via “Yellow Submarine.” Jan. 10, 1983: A riot breaks out among an estimated 2,000 punk rockers during a concert at Studio Instrument Rentals at … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Editor Was Ahead of His Time

My latest column is about Paul Bryan Gray and his new book “A Clamor for Equality,” the biography of Francisco P. Ramirez, the youthful editor of El Clamor Público, the first entirely Spanish-language newspaper published in Los Angeles. The entire … Continue reading

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The Day’s News – Pestilence and Starvation, Jan. 9, 1913

Jan. 9, 1913: We like to think that the past was a kinder, simpler time — when life moved at a slower pace. But no. The Times publishes a Page 1 news map “as an aid to the busy reader … Continue reading

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