Human Fly Flees Hall of Justice


April 4, 1943, Zanuck
April 4, 1943: Col. Darryl F. Zanuck comes under criticism for trying to return to civilian life. (Zanuck said there wasn’t much chance that he would make more movies of combat.)

Sen. Harry Truman (D-Mo.) of the Senate War Program Investigation Committee says: “I don’t believe in letting fellows back out in the middle of a war.”  The committee “implied criticism” of the War Department allowing Jack Warner to surrender his commission as a lieutenant colonel after a few months.

The senators also criticized an unidentified Zanuck film – possibly “At the Front” – saying  that some segments dealing with fighting in Tunisia were posed. Undersecretary of War Robert Patterson “was unable, however, to comment on [commission chief counsel Hugh]  Fulton’s remarks that there are 17 separate shots of Zanuck in the film and that one sequence shows a soldier trying to shoot down an airplane flying at 10,000 feet with a Tommy gun having a 75-yard range,” The Times said.

Authorities are looking for Carl Hopper, 22, a “human fly” who made a daring escape from the Hall of Justice by getting to the roof, climbing down a ventilation flu, then going through an eighth-floor window.

Immigration note: A train will arrive in Los Angeles carrying  650 Mexicans to do agricultural work in California and Arizona. The Times says 2,100 Mexican workers have already arrived and 12 more trainloads are expected.

The workers are here under an agreement between the U.S. and Mexico and most will remain until after next fall’s harvests.

At the movies: “Something to Shout About” with Don Ameche, Janet Blair and Jack Oakie; and “City Without Men” starring Linda Darnell.

April 4, 1943, Zanuck

April 4, 1943, Zanuck

April 4, 1943, Human Fly

April 4, 1943, Mexican Workers

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  1. Sam Flowers says:

    Where is a Harry Truman when you need one?


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