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March 12, 1958

Above, a cook goes on a bloody rampage–and no, we didn’t follow up on this story. According to California death records, mad cook Andrew Rewal lived to the age of 79, presumably without access to sharp objects  … Below, the … Continue reading

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Ewing Scott

March 4, 1958 Los Angeles Late one night in his cell at the County Jail, in fitful sleep, convicted killer L. Ewing Scott had a dream: An arm … his missing wife’s arm … bloody … wrapped in newspapers … … Continue reading

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Feb. 22, 1958

One of the footnotes to the L. Ewing Scott case: An attempt to obtain body parts that would be passed off as the remains of Evelyn Scott. Email me

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Matt Weinstock

Jan. 29, 1958 Charles Judson, former city editor of the late lamented L.A. Daily News, is now farm editor of the daily Grand Junction (Colo.) Sentinel. His job requires that he travel about the countryside, checking agricultural conditions and writing … Continue reading

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Jan. 22, 1958


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Ewing Scott

  Photograph by Con Keyes / Los Angeles Times Convicted killer L. Ewing Scott, 1980, at the age of 83. In 1986, bedridden, frail and slowly dying in a Silver Lake convalescent home, 89-year-old Leonard Ewing Scott agreed to see … Continue reading

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Dec. 24, 1957

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Dec. 22, 1957

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In the teeth of the evidence

  Evelyn and L. Ewing Scott during a cruise on the Queen Mary. Oct. 16-18, 1957 Los Angeles In its opening days, the Leonard Ewing Scott murder trial has focused Evelyn Scott’s eyeglasses and dentures, which were found behind the … Continue reading

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Confidential: Tells the Facts and Names the Names

The Mirror scores a jailhouse interview with L. Ewing Scott, plus one of Confidential magazine’s main informants, Francesca De Scaffa attempts suicide again. According to news reports, De Scaffa was so eager to be a Confidential source that she was … Continue reading

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