Monorail Planned for Downtown Los Angeles!

May 27, 1959, Rock And Roll

"She Was Gone … Real Gone!"

May 27, 1959, Times Cover
Voters reject higher taxes. View this page
May 27, 1959, Beatniks

Beatnik robbers tell victim to "play it cool." Woof, Daddy-o.

May 27, 1959, Monorail

Above, another mass-transit plan that never got off the drawing board.

May 27, 1959, Monorail

May 27, 1959, Hot Rod

All right, you kids, no more chopped and channeled five-window coupes, understand? And no more lowered front ends on your T-buckets! Next, we're going after your Glass Packs.

May 27, 1959, Teen Skating

May 27, 1959, Impotent

Nice headline — does that mean some women aren't upset?


May 27, 1959, Pork Chop Hill

May 27, 1959, Suicide

May 27, 1959, Suicide

May 27, 1959, Lynching

Above, FBI agents give the governor of Mississippi the names of about 10 men involved in the lynching of African American truck driver Mack Charles Parker.

May 27, 1959, Bishop Pike on Birth Control

Episcopal Bishop James A. Pike addresses a Planned Parenthood meeting and calls California's laws against birth control unconstitutional.

May 27, 1959, Stalker

May 27, 1959, Times Comics

Pop Fligh helps Dondi get out of a jam. View this page

May 27, 1959, Miss Parkreation

Isn't that awfully close to "Miss Procreation?"

May 27, 1959, Sports

The Dodgers lose to the Giants and Milwaukee beats Pittsburgh in the 13th inning. View this page

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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1 Response to Monorail Planned for Downtown Los Angeles!

  1. Trolley Dodger says:

    Miss Procreation was at the Planned Parenthood meeting. 😉


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