Three Pros Hold Up Bank

Dec. 2, 1919, Holdup 

The Times illustrates the  holdup with a cutaway drawing of the bank.

Dec. 2, 1919, Holdup

Dec. 2, 1919, Holdup

One of the bank robbers looked like a “hop head” or drug fiend, The Times says. 

Dec. 2, 1919, Holdup

Dec. 2, 1919: “The robbery, according to veteran detectives, was planned without a single flaw and executed without a hitch.

“The three bandits suddenly called to the five employees to hold up their hands, herded them into a little office next to the vault and then proceeded to clean out the place. While one of the trio held the four men and one woman in the office, the other two swept all the paper money into waste paper baskets, walked into the vault and cleaned out all the compartments that were found unlocked, including the circular safe in which the Liberty Bonds were kept, and then carried their loot to the front part of the bank.

“Returning to the door of the little office, the bandits transferred their prisoners into the vault and closed the heavy steel door after them. Then they walked out and disappeared from the vicinity. No one could be found by the police up to last night who actually saw the trio get into an automobile or walk into the bank.”

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