Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

July 3, 2021, Mystery Photo, Title against a background of clouds

This week’s mystery movie was the 1940 Warner Bros. film “ ’Til We Meet Again,” with Merle Oberon, George Brent, Pat O’Brien, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Binnie Barnes and Frank McHugh.

Screenplay by Warren Duff, from an original story by Robert Lord.

Harrison's Reports, April 20, 1940 Photography by Tony Gaudio, edited by Ralph Dawson, art direction by Robert Haas, special effects by Byron Haskin, gowns by Orry-Kelly, sound by E.A. Brown, makeup by Perc Westmore, orchestral arrangements by Ray Heindorf, musical direction by Leo F. Forbstein.

Directed by Edmund Goulding.

Executive producer Hal B. Wallis, associate producer David Lewis.

“ ’Til We Meet Again” has never been commercially released. It will air on TCM in August.

I picked “ ’Til We Meet Again” by searching Moviecollector Ohio’s massive database of TCM films for a movie that was highly rated and hadn’t aired recently. The big cast with lots of familiar faces, and David Lewis as associate producer, were a bonus. As many members of the Brain Trust have noted, this is a remake and the earlier version of the film may or may not appear at some point, so I won’t say much about it.

The main story deals with our pair of doomed lovers with a penchant for breaking stemware: Joan (Merle Oberson), the beautiful leading lady with the terminal illness, and Dan Hardesty (George Brent), the escaped killer being taken back to prison on the same ship. Fortunately, they are surrounded by numerous distractions: Exotic locales (Hong Kong, Hawaii, an ocean liner), and the interplay of a large number of colorful minor characters (most memorably Eric Blore, but also Geraldine Fitzgerald, Frank McHugh, Pat O’Brien and Binnie Barnes).

Love and justice (for our leading man is an escaped murderer) triumph in the end, if only in the great beyond.

The Hollywood Spectator (May 1, 1940) raved about the film:

Superb entertainment; perfection in every detail. In essence a sordid story of a girl, condemned to death by a heart ailment, sharing a romance with a man condemned to death for murder, it comes to us as one of the most beautiful love stories the screen ever told….

While other reviews (Hollywood, July 1940) were far less enthusiastic.

The New York Times is certain to hate “ ’Til We Meet Again.” You can count on it. At 1940, we are in solid Bosley Crowther territory, so let’s see what he had to say…

Nope! It’s an upset! B.R. Crisler, who must be the mysterious B.R.C. who reviewed last year’s mystery movie “Condemned Women.”

But Crisler does not disappoint (April 20, 1940):

The psychology of the unhappy ending has seldom been used to better advantage than it is by Warner Brothers in the sad romanza entitled “ ’’Til We Meet Again” at the Strand. This psychology is quite simple: The unhappy ending has a bad box-office reputation, but when you mix it with an obvious plot, a plot which, if possible has been successfully used at least once before, and stud the mixture with star reputations, some one, just barely possibly, might mistake the result for art.

Biographical note: Benjamin R. Crisler (d. May 16, 1982, in Pacific Grove, Calif.) joined the New York Times in 1932 and wrote about films until he moved to the tabloid PM in 1940. He later freelanced for the New York Times Book Review. He was 77.

June 28, 2021, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mysterious bartender. He does not approve of such goings on.

Update: I began our parade of mixologists with Frank Orth.

June 29, 2021, Mystery Photo Our mystery movie has several bartenders. Here’s another one, with Back of the Head Guy, who will appear Thursday.

Update: This is William Halligan and Eric Blore as Back of the Head Guy.

June 29, 2021, Mystery Photo
And finally, two more mystery bartenders.

Update: This is George Regas and Frank Puglia.

Brain Trust roll call: Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie, mystery bartender and mysterious cocktail), Skretvedt1958 (mysterious bartender), David Inman (mystery bartender), Jenny M. (mystery bartender), Robert Morrissey (mystery bartender), Mike Hawks (mystery bartender), Arye Michael Bender (mystery bartender), Michael Ryerson (mystery bartender) and L.C. (mystery bartender).

June 30, 2021, Mystery Photo

For “Hm Wednesday,” we have this mysterious gent.

Update: This is Frank Wilcox.

June 30, 2021, Mystery Photo

We also have this mysterious gent. His companion has been cropped out due to insufficient mysteriousness and will appear Friday.

Update: For Friday, we add our mysterious leading man as Back of the Head Guy.

Update: This is Henry O’Neill and George Brent as Back of the Head Guy.

June 30, 2021, Mystery Photo

And finally, we have this mysterious gent.

Update: This is Regis Toomey.

Brain Trust roll call: Mike Hawks (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mysterious bartenders Nos. 2 and 3), Mary Mallory (mystery movie, mystery bartenders and Back of the Head Guy) and Howard Mandelbaum (Tuesday’s bartender Nos. 1 and 2, Back of the Head Guy).

July 1, 2021, Mystery Photo

For “Aha Thursday,” we have this mystery couple.

Update: This is George Reeves and Geraldine Fitzgerald.

July 1, 2021, Mystery Photo

We also have this mystery couple.

Update: This is Binnie Barnes and a blurry Eric Blore.

July 1, 2021, Mystery Photo

And a slightly better shot of our mystery chap.

Update: Eric Blore has such an animated face that he rarely holds still long enough for a frame grab.

Brain Trust roll call: Mary Mallory (Wednesday’s mystery guests), Floyd Thursby (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mysterious reporter and assistant purser and a half-credit), Tucson Barbara (mystery movie, Monday’s and Tuesday’s mysterious bartenders and Wednesday’s mystery reporter), Howard Mandelbaum (Wednesday’s mystery guests), Funky PhD (Wednesday’s mysterious reporter), Mike Hawks (Wednesday’s mystery guests), Sheila (mystery movie, Monday’s mysterious bartender, Wednesday’s mystery doctor and mystery reporter), Noir Allie (Wednesday’s mystery doctor), Megan and Thom (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mystery bartender No. 2 and Thursday’s mystery doctor and mystery reporter), Sue Slutzky (Wednesday’s mystery doctor), L.C. (mystery movie and mystery cast), Charles Kjelland (Wednesday’s mystery reporter), Dan Nather (mystery movie and Wednesday’s mystery reporter) and Sylvia E. (mystery movie and all mystery guests).

July 2, 2021, Mystery Photo

For Friday, we have this rather wet mystery guest.

Update: This is a disheveled Pat O’Brien.

July 2, 2021, Mystery Photo
Here’s our mysterious leading man with his mysterious disreputable friend.

Update: This is George Brent and Frank McHugh.

And finally, our mysterious leading lady and leading man drink a toast.

Update: This is Merle Oberon and George Brent about to break their first glasses. At one point Brent gives the ingredients for a Paradise Cocktail: Sugar, lemon, Marnier (I think) and Cointreau. The sugar goes on the rim of the glass. After that you’re on your own.

Brain Trust roll call: Mary Mallory (Thursday’s mystery guests), Tucson Barbara (Thursday’s mystery guests), Chrisbo (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mysterious reporter and Thursday’s mystery gents), Funky PhD (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mysterious assistant purser, and Thursday’s mystery gents), Howard Mandelbaum (Thursday’s mystery guests), Richard Wegescheide (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mysterious reporter and Thursday’s mysterious future TV star), Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery guests), Gary (mystery movie, Thursday’s mystery couple No. 1 and mystery gent No. 2), Sarah (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mysterious doctor and mystery reporter and Thursday’s future TV star), Beachgal (all mystery guests and predicting Friday’s mysterious guests), Benito (Thursday’s mystery couple No. 1 and mystery gent No. 2), Sue Slutzky (mystery movie, mystery bartenders, Wednesday’s mystery doctor and mystery reporter and Thursday’s mystery couple No. 1), Anne Papineau (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mystery reporter and Thursday’s mystery couple No. 1) and Sylvia E. (Thursday’s mystery guests and predicting Friday’s mystery guests).

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59 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Frank Orth, serving a Paradise Cocktail.


  2. skretvedt1958 says:

    That is Frank Orth. I know him mostly from “His Girl Friday.” He plays a bartender in several movies, but since he and his cohort seem to have “period” costuming, I’m going to guess that this is from “Hello, Frisco, Hello.”


  3. David Inman says:

    Frank Orth today.


  4. Jenny M says:

    Frank Orth in Tell No Tales.


  5. Robert Morrissey says:

    That’s Frank Orth – I just double-checked on IMDb, and found out that he was married to actress Ann Codee for fifty years.


  6. mike hawks says:

    Frank Orth.


  7. Arye Michael Bender says:

    Frank Orth.


  8. Gary says:

    He is the guy who looks like William Frawley.


  9. Frank Orth, I believe. My best guess is Tell No Tales (1939) with Melvyn Douglas and Louise Platt, although with Frank Orth it could be any of a half dozen others where he plays a bartender.


  10. Floyd Thursby says:

    Why do I have the feeling that this is going to be a William Powell picture?


  11. LC says:

    Tell No Tales (1939) w/Frank Orth, Melvyn Douglas, Louise Platt, Gene Lockhart, Douglass Dumbrille…


  12. mike hawks says:

    The two mystery bartenders are George Regas and Walter Miller in ‘TIL WE MEET AGAIN 1940.


  13. David Inman says:

    Just putting this out there: “The Guilt of Janet Ames”?


  14. Mary Mallory says:

    I think I got this from Eric Blore’s BOTH Tuesday. TIL WE MEET AGAIN. Frank Orth Monday, Blore with William Halligan, and George Regas and Frank Puglia.


  15. Eric Blore, William Halligan; George Regas, Walter Miller.


  16. Mary Mallory says:

    Frank Wilcox, Henry O’Neill, and Regis Toomey.


  17. Floyd Thursby says:

    For Wednesday we have Regis Toomey and Frank Wilcox in “‘Til We Meet Again” from 1940. This is a Warner Brothers remake of an earlier gem of theirs from 1932 called “One Way Passage” which starred William Powell when he DID work at Warners.

    I claim at least half credit.

    Unless I got it wrong, of course.


  18. tucsonbarbara says:

    ‘Til We Meet Again

    Mon – Frank Orth
    Tues – William Halligan, George Regas, Frank Puglia
    Wed – Nat Carr (?), Wade Boteler, Regis Toomey


  19. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Frank Wilcox; Henry O’Neill; Regis Toomey.


  20. FunkyPhD says:

    Wednesday’s mystery man is Regis Toomey. I don’t have the film yet.


  21. B.J. Merholz says:

    I may still be underwater with this, but how about Submarine D-9


  22. mike haawks says:

    Frank Wilcox, Henry O’Neill and Regis Toomey.


  23. Sheila says:

    Frank Orth, Henry O’Neill, Regis Toomey in ‘Til We Meet Again’?


  24. Noir says:

    Henry O’Neill?


  25. Megan and Thom says:

    Our movie is ‘Til We Meet Again, with Henry O’Neill and Regis Toomey as our second and third guests from today. It took me a day to remember in what movies I had seen yesterday’s guest, George Regas.


  26. sueslutzky says:

    Is the second mystery man Henry O’Neill?


  27. LC says:

    Oops! I made a mistake, this is ‘Til We Meet Again (1940) w/Merle Oberon, George Brent, Pat O’Brien, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Regis Toomey, Henry O’Neill, Frank Wilcox, Frank McHugh…


  28. Charles Kjelland says:

    Regis Toomey today?


  29. Dan Nather says:

    I thought this looked a lot like the 1932 film ONE-WAY PASSAGE, but knew that was off. But after seeing Regis Toomey today, I realized it’s actually the 1940 remake ‘TILL WE MEET AGAIN.


  30. Sylvia E. says:

    ‘Til We Meet Again” 1940
    Mon’s bar-keep is Frank Orth
    Tuesday’s bar-keep is William Halligan and the BOTHG is Eric Blore
    Thanks for the ‘tequilla’ clue for these bar-keeps: George Regas and Frank Puglia
    Wed: one of the many Asst. Pursers, Frank Wilcox; #2 is Henry O’Neill; #3 has Regis Toomey chatting with another Asst. Purser, Nat Carr (I think)


  31. Mary Mallory says:

    George Reeves and Geraldine Fitzgerald with Frank Wilcox Binnie Barnes and Eric Blore.


  32. tucsonbarbara says:

    George Reeves, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Binnie Barnes, Eric Blore (twice)


  33. Chrisbo says:

    I believe I see Regis Toomey, George Reeves and Eric Blore in Till We Meet Again


  34. FunkyPhD says:

    ‘Til We Meet Again.” Thursday’s mysterious backgammon player is the delightful Eric Blore. Assistant Purser is Frank Wilcox, and future Superman George Reeves is Thursday’s male half of the mystery couple.


  35. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    George Reeves, Geraldine Fitzgerald; Binnie Barnes, Eric Blore.


  36. Richard Wegescheide says:

    We’ve got Regis Toomey on Wednesday, and an easy George Reeves on Thursday so I’ll guess ‘Till We Meet Again’, which I haven’t seen in a very long time.


  37. mike hawks says:

    George Reeves, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Binnie Barnes and Eric Blore.


  38. Gary says:

    I believe this is Till We Meet Again with G. Fitzgerald, George Reeves, and my favorite character actor of ll time Eric Blore.


  39. B.J. Merholz says:

    I give up.


  40. Sarah says:

    I was going crazy trying to ID this movie. It has so many actors that appeared in minor roles but whose names I did not know — that is until Regis Toomey appeared on Wednesday, along with Henry O’Neill. And I would have never guessed Thursday’s love interest was George Reeves.
    The movie is “‘Til We Meet Again” (1940).


  41. beachgal says:

    ‘Till We Meet Again (1940).
    Bartender #1 in Hong Kong Frank Orth
    Bartenders in duo in Mexico George Regas, Frank Puglia
    Reporter on Wed Regis Toomey
    Ship doc on Wed Henry O’Neill
    Thurs game players Binnie Barnes and Eric Blore
    Thurs young duo George Reeves and Geraldine Fitzgerald
    Tue assistant purser Frank Wilcox


  42. Benito says:

    George Reeves, Geraldine Fitzgerald AND Eric Blore


  43. sueslutzky says:

    ‘Til We Meet Again, 1940
    Monday: #1 – Frank Orth, #2 – William Halligan
    Tuesday: George Regas and Walter Miller
    Wednesday: David Newell, Henry O’Neill, Regis Toomey
    Thursday: George Reeves and Geraldine Fitzgerald,


  44. Anne Papineau says:

    Regis Toomey on Wednesday, George Reeves and Geraldine Fitzgerald on Thursday.


  45. Anne Papineau says:

    ‘Til We Meet Again


  46. Sylvia E. says:

    It’s a hoot that Mr Thursby’s intuition led him to think this might be a William Powell movie, because Mr Powell was indeed in the earlier version of this story, “One Way Passage” 1932.

    Anyway… Thursday:
    1) George Reeves and Geraldine Fitzgerald
    2) Binnie Barnes and Eric Blore
    3). Eric Blore

    That leaves George Brent, Merle Oberon, Pat O’Brien and maybe Frank McHugh.

    Looking forward to the Saturday breakdown.


  47. beachgal says:

    Fri Pat O’ Brien, George Brent with Frank McHugh, Merle Oberon with George Brent


  48. Mary Mallory says:

    George Brent earlier in the week, Pat O’Brien, George and Frank McHugh, and Merle Oberon and George Brent. While I’d like to see it, these two just don’t have the oomph of Francis and Powell.


  49. tucsonbarbara says:

    Pat O’Brien, George Brent, Frank McHugh, Merle Oberon, George Brent again


  50. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Pat O’Brien; George Brent, Frank McHugh; Merle Oberon.


  51. mike hawks says:

    Pat O’Brien, George Brent, Frank McHugh and Merle Oberon.


  52. sueslutzky says:

    Friday: 1 – Pat O’Brien 2 – George Brent and Frank McHugh
    3 – George Brent and Merle Oberon


  53. Mary Mallory says:

    Doing research on ERic Blore, there was a definite break, where he went from working on A pictures to almost strictly Bs in the early-mid-1940s. What happened? Stara did this if they wanted to remain stars, but reliable character actors of a type usually stayed in As or floated back and forth. Interesting thing to ponder.


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