Black Dahlia: My Annual Donation in Memory of Elizabeth Short


As longtime readers know, I always begin a new year with an annual donation in memory of Elizabeth Short to Heading Home, which works with the homeless in the Boston area. Partly because of my research on Elizabeth Short, I try to make the issue of homelessness a continuing theme of the Daily Mirror.

I donate to an agency in the Boston area because of Elizabeth Short’s connections there, but Los Angeles also has a severe, chronic problem with homelessness and there are many local agencies that welcome donations. I recently visited Hollywood and saw camps of homeless people along the exit ramp from the northbound 101 onto Hollywood Boulevard and along the Walk of Fame. Men pushing shopping carts. Women cowering in doorways of buildings that are boarded up or closed with roll-down shutters that are tagged.

I believe people will find helping the homeless more meaningful in the long term than, for example, leaving a bottle of liquor and some cigarettes at her grave, especially since Elizabeth Short didn’t smoke and rarely drank.

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2 Responses to Black Dahlia: My Annual Donation in Memory of Elizabeth Short

  1. Heaven says:

    Hello Larry,

    I really really appreciate your posts regarding Elizabeth. I have been trying to do my own honest research of the topic for a while now and you’re just about the only person who has stuck with factual evidence (a true commodity nowadays). Hollywood has been devastated by our situation and it is truly heartbreaking to witness. I hope that more people will take your advice and try to help all those who have run out of options, much like Elizabeth did. Booze and costumes and haunt tours don’t do a thing for her memory, and they mean nothing to the thousands of men and women who are in similar positions to Elizabeth. Thanks for all your hard work, due diligence, and critical thinking.


    A Troubled Historian


    • lmharnisch says:

      Thanks. It has been a journey. I have been involved with the Black Dahlia case long enough to see a number of fast-buck operators and self-promoting con artists build small empires on the bones of Elizabeth Short. I only tell the truth. Everything I say can be confirmed in news accounts and official records — but one must be very careful in navigating official documents because there are all sorts of ways to misinterpret things, even if you are trying to be accurate, and when you’re trying to pin the murder on your dad, accuracy is the first victim. People who don’t know the case cannot imagine the magnitude of lies and distortion that have been promoted about the murder of Elizabeth Short.

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