Downtown Los Angeles, 1950: ‘The Underworld Story’ Part 3

'Underworld Story'

Here’s another sequence from “The Underworld Story” filmed in downtown Los Angeles. The camera is across Spring Street, opposite City Hall.

Downtown L.A. in ‘Underworld Story’ Part 1 | Part 2

'Underworld Story'
Gunmen wait in a car across from City Hall.

'Underworld Story'

Three men leave the building….

'Underworld Story'

'Underworld Story'

Blam! Blam! Blam! (etc. )

'Underworld Story'

“He’s dead, Jim.”

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2 Responses to Downtown Los Angeles, 1950: ‘The Underworld Story’ Part 3

  1. Sylvia E. says:

    When I first watched this sequence from ‘The Underworld Story’ on you tube (during the mystery puzzle,) I wondered if ‘Godfather I’ found inspiration in it for their ‘shooting on the steps’ sequence. Very dramatic timing and scene framing in both pictures.

    I’ve enjoyed these follow up images. Thanks


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