Black Dahlia: Steve Hodel’s Lies on ‘Dr. Phil’; A Case Study

March 26, 2019,. Steve Hodel, Dr. Phil

Would you like to see how Steve Hodel lies about things that can be easily checked? Of course you would. This is a graphic that appeared during Steve Hodel’s appearance on “Dr. Phil.”

It’s helpful, at least for me, for Steve to give the date of this supposed excerpt from the LAPD bug at the Sowden House. Because I have all the transcripts and they are (spoiler alert) Bo-RING! Steve also merges the quotes from March 25, 1950, and March 26, 1950. This guy was a detective with the LAPD? This guy?

We’re going to look at the entire transcript and (second spoiler alert) George Hodel never says “I’m in trouble.” No, it’s one of the investigators having trouble with the recording equipment. (This guy was a detective with the LAPD? This guy?)

Notice some of this conversation is actually from March 25, 1950. As Steve Hodel has shown numerous times, he has great difficulty reading what is in front of him.

Here we go:

March 25, 1950

“Sounded like Hodel said something about Black ‘Daliah.’ ”

”Sounded like Hodel wants to get out of the country. mentioned passport.

“Had trouble with one spool.”

March 26, 1950

”Hodel talking about picture police have of him and some girl – thought he had destroyed them all.”

See for yourself.


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4 Responses to Black Dahlia: Steve Hodel’s Lies on ‘Dr. Phil’; A Case Study

  1. Heather says:

    You’re forgetting about Steve’s new revelation that Tamar had sex with him when he was a small child! I’ve been keeping track of Steve’s BS for years, but that one was new to me. He has also changed his story about how his whole saga started. He now says that after his dad died Tamar told him his dad had been a suspect in the Black Dahlia murder and Steve started investigating to clear George Hodel’s name. His original story was, of course, that he found the two pictures (not of Elizabeth Short), thought they were “the Black Dahlia”, and started investigating from there. Now that the pics have been disproved, I guess he’s going with this new tale.
    Anyway, I sat through the Dr. Phil show with my mouth agape, and definitely wondered if you were seeing this new nonsense.
    I will say Fauna Hodel seems like she was a nice, normal woman and her daughters seem nice.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Unfortunately for Steve Hodel, his books tell a different story. Fauna seems to have been a good soul who survived significant challenges as a kid and genuinely wanted to know the real story, not a lot of nonsense. I think her daughters have jumped onto the George Hodel Evil Genius train with Steve and are riding it for all it’s worth.


  2. Kris says:

    I’ve been coming on here for a response! He really is delusional. Do you believe that there was ever a time when Steve actually believed this about his father? Or has it been a conscious lie the entire time? It is interesting. We may not always comment but we are reading! Keep it up. I enjoy your postings of old time Hollywood.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Thanks for reading… ‘Does Steve Hodel really believe his dad killed the Black Dahlia?’ is one of my most frequently asked questions. I’m not sure. Whether he originally believed it or started it as a way to cash in on his dead dad and was seduced by the publicity and acclaim, Steve is 100% behind it now.


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