Jan. 17, 1959: Paul Coates Dips Into the Letters File


Jamie Curtis, 1959, L.A. Mirror Jan. 17, 1959: It was Saturday in 1959, so Paul Coates ends his week with a letters column. Pretty standard for those guys who wrote six columns a week. (In case you don’t know, afternoon papers did not publish on Sundays).

And “Jamie Curtis,” age 8 weeks, makes his (yes, HIS) camera debut. Oops.

Also: blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo is revealed as Robert Rich, credited with “The Brave One.”

Coates’ column originally appeared in the L.A. Mirror in 1959 and was republished on latimes.com in 2009. It is available via Archive.org.

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3 Responses to Jan. 17, 1959: Paul Coates Dips Into the Letters File

  1. Mark G says:

    Love the mention in Paul’s column about Joe Chastek’s Vagabond House! My grandmother worked there for years as a bookkeeper. In the ‘40s, my dad had a job tending bar at Mr. Chastek’s South Seas-themed nightclub The Zamboanga, on West Slauson in Windsor Hills.


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