Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

This week’s mystery movie has been the 1962 MGM picture “Billy Rose’s Jumbo,” with Doris Day, Stephen Boyd, Jimmy Durante and Martha Raye, Dean Jagger, Joseph Waring, Lynn Wood, Charles Watts, James Chandler, Robert Burton, Wilson Wood, Norman Leavitt, Grady Sutton, Ron Henon, The Carlisles, The Pedrolas, The Wazzans, The Hannefords, Billy Barton, Corky Cristiani, Victor Julian, Richard Berg, Joe Monahan, Miss Lani, Adolph Dubsky, Pat Anthony, Janos Prohaska and The Barbettes.

The film was based on the musical produced by Billy Rose at the New York Hippodrome, with a book by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, and music and lyrics by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart. The music was supervised and conducted by George Stoll. The film was photographed by William H. Daniels in Panavision and MetroColor, with art direction by George W. Davis and Preston Ames, and set decoration by Henry Grace and Hugh Hunt. Costumes by Morton Haack, hairstyles by Sydney Guilaroff, makeup by William Tuttle and circus acts coordinated by Al Dobritch.  The second unit director was Busby Berkeley. The screenplay was by Sidney Sheldon. The film was produced by Joe Pasternak and Martin Melcher, and directed by Charles Walters.

Historical notes: Durante appeared in the 1935 stage version as a press agent and was recast as the circus owner for the film. This was Raye’s first film since “Monsieur Verdoux” and Day’s last movie musical.

“Billy Rose’s Jumbo” is available on DVD from Amazon.

Interesting casting note: Hedda Hopper wrote (June 3, 1961) that MGM wanted Richard Burton for the role that eventually went to Stephen Boyd. Philip K. Scheuer wrote in the Los Angeles Times (Feb. 7, 1962) that three elephants were used in filming the movie, a massive production that included the construction of two circus tents, one on Lot 3 that could seat 2,000 people, and another on Stage 15. Stage 29 was also used for some of the filming.

Writing in the New York Times (Dec. 7, 1962) Bosley Crowther said:

The only thing vastly wrong with “Jumbo,” which arrived at the Music Hall yesterday, along with the Christmas stage show, is that it is hitting the screen about 25 years too late. The aura of wonder and excitement it tries to throw around old-fashioned circus life, the sentiment it tries to squeeze and siphon out of an old-time circus manager, the sense of emotional exaltation it tries to pump into a dull tanbark romance — all are such stuff as was familiar in circus pictures that many years ago.

…. Miss Day, for all her pleasant singing, is something of a bore as she plows her way through the proceedings as the herd-rider on the dying show and on Mr. Durante as her father, who is a woeful manager. And her downright labored endeavors to sham a romance with Stephen Boyd, the treacherous son of the rival manager, are as blunt as the driving of stakes to hold the tent. But then Mr. Boyd gives no assistance. He might better have played the elephant and the creature that is that major fixture might better have played his role. For the elephant is still the chief love interest in this conspicuously elephantine show.

The film received a rave review in the Los Angeles Times (Dec. 21, 1962) from Scheuer, who wrote:

I urge you to put it down right now as a Christmas gift for yourself and the kids. In 1935 as a stage musical it helped to close the venerable New York Hippodrome, but I wouldn’t hold that against it if I were you.



For Monday, we have a mystery guest.

Update: This is Stephen Boyd.

April 11, 2017, Mystery Photo

For Tuesday, we have a mystery guest.

Update: This is Martha Raye.

Brain Trust roll call: Gary Martin (mystery movie and mystery guest). Very impressive!

April 12, 2017, Mystery Photo

And for Wednesday, we have a topsy-turvy mystery guest.

Update: This is Jimmy Durante.

Brain Trust roll call: Gary Martin (mystery guest), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie and mystery guests), Pat in Michigan (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), Roget-L.A. (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), Tucson Barbara (Tuesday’s mystery guest), Bob Hansen (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), L.C. (mystery movie and mystery cast) and Claire Lockhart (after a long absence!) (mystery movie and mystery guests).

April 13, 2017, Mystery Photo

For Thursday, our mystery guest is not wearing a disguise or clown makeup.

Update: This is Stephen Boyd.

I’m on the road early in the morning. I’ll post the Brain Trust roll call later. I suspect it will be long.

April 14, 2017, Mystery Photo

And for Friday, we have a mystery guest….

April 14, 2017, Mystery Photo
… who may be our first four-legged mystery guest.

April 14, 2017, Mystery Photo
He even gets screen time with our leading lady.

Update: Doris Day and Jumbo.

Friday’s Brain Trust roll call: Gary Martin (Wednesday’s upside-down chap), Howard Decker (mystery movie and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s mystery guests), Howard Mandelbaum (Wednesday’s upside-down chap and Thursday’s mystery guest), Jenny M. (mystery movie and Wednesday’s upside-down chap), Roget-L.A. (Wednesday’s upside down chap and Thursday’s mystery guest), Mary Mallory (Thursday’s mystery guest), B.J. Merholz (Thursday’s mystery chap), Mike Hawks (mystery movie and Wednesday’s and Thursday’s mystery guests), Beachgal (mystery movie and mystery guests), Patricia van Hartesveldt (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery guest), Candace (mystery movie and Tuesday and Thursday’s mystery guests), Lee Ann, Megan and Thom (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery guest), Don Danard (Thursday’s mystery guest), Candy Cassell (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery guest) and Benito (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery guest).

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57 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. I’m not sure why, but my initial thought was Gilbert Roland.


  2. Gary Martin says:

    Stephen Boyd in Jumbo.


  3. Easy and putting him in on a Monday hasn’t fooled me. Ricardo Montalban.


  4. Benito says:

    Guessing it’s Terence Stamp in Far From The Madding Crowd 1967


  5. aryedirect says:

    Zorro, the Gay blade as played by a one time potential presidential son-in-law, George Hamilton


  6. Gary Martin says:

    You just can’t hide Martha Raye.


  7. Stephen Boyd in JUMBO; Martha Raye today.


  8. Pat in Michigan says:

    Even with the makeup, Tuesday’s guest is unmistakably Martha Raye. “Billy Rose’s Jumbo” is the film.


  9. Rogét-L.A. says:

    Tuesday: Martha Raye as Lulu in “Billy Rose’s Jumbo” (1962)


  10. tucsonbarbara says:

    Tuesday’s mystery guest looks like Martha Raye


  11. Bob Hansen says:

    I believe this is Martha Raye in Billy Rose’s Jumbo from 1962, starring Doris Day.


  12. LC says:

    Billy Rose’s Jumbo (1962) w/Stephen Boyd, Martha Raye, Jimmy Durante and Doris Day! Absolutely love her!


  13. Claire Lockhart says:

    Stephen Boyd and Martha Raye in JUMBO (1962)


  14. I’m sure it can’t be but for Tuesday I can’t help thinking – Lucille Ball.


  15. Gary Martin says:

    Based on the shadow cast by the nose I would say this is Jimmie Durante.


  16. Howard Decker says:

    I suspect it is Billy Rose’s Jumbo with Martha Raye (Tues.) and Jimmy Durante (Thur.).


  17. Jenny M says:

    Jimmy Durante in Jumbo.


  18. I do feel a fool. I hadn’t realised there was a second picture of Tuesday mystery person before I thought ‘Lucy Ball’ It couldn’t even be Vivian Vance. Sorry Lucy.


  19. Rogét-L.A. says:

    Wednesday: Jimmy Durante. Even upside down, there’s no mistaking “The Schnoz”.


  20. Diane Ely says:

    I googled “Creepy Circus Movies” but can’t identify this.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Mary Mallory says:

    Stephen Boyd. I have no idea on title, KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL?


  22. Mike Hawks says:

    I should have stood on my head on wednesday to see Jimmy Durante. Today Stephen Boyd. Movie BILLY ROSE’S JUMBO.


  23. Chrisbo says:

    Russ Tamblyn Thursday?


  24. Rogét-L.A. says:

    Thursday: Stephen Boyd with that dimpled chin of his


  25. beachgal says:

    Thursday is Stephen Boyd and the circus film is Billy Rose’s Jumbo (1962) – Friday will probably be Doris Day


  26. beachgal says:

    Tues is Martha Raye in clown face.


  27. Patricia van Hartesveldt says:

    Thursday is Stephen Boyd. Maybe the movie is Billy Rose’s Jumbo?


  28. CANDACE says:

    Tuesday – Martha Raye
    Thursday – Stephen Boyd in Billy Rose’s Jumbo


  29. Lee Ann, Megan, and Thom says:

    Stephen Boyd in Billy Rose’s Jumbo.


  30. Don Danard says:

    The Thursday Mystery chap is Stephen Boyd.


  31. Candy Cassell says:

    Thursday´s gentleman is the late Stephen Boyd. Could this be ¨Billy Rose´s Jumbo¨ and Doris Day tomorrow? Haven´t seen it since the 1960´s.


  32. Benito says:

    Stephen Boyd in Billy Rose’s Jumbo?


  33. TWELVE HOUSE says:

    A piece of string walks into a bar… 🙂


  34. Ed says:

    Friday is Doris Day and the movie is Billy Rose’s Jumbo


  35. Mary Mallory says:

    Doris Day and BILLY ROSE’S JUMBO.


  36. B.J.Merholz says:

    Happy Easter and Chag Pesach!


  37. beachgal says:

    Friday is Jumbo the elephant along with Doris Day


  38. Mike Hawks says:

    Doris Day and Jumbo.


  39. mandymarie20 says:

    Lovely Miss Doris Day for Friday.


  40. Gary Martin says:

    According to the IMDB this is Sydney appearing as the title character in “Billy Rose’ Jumbo”. The nice lady beside him is Miss Doris Day, looking rather sad in her last screen musical.That was 55 years ago. Gosh. She was only 40!


  41. mandymarie20 says:

    At first I thought this was some kind of horror flick from the earlier pictures, but apparently this is ‘Jumbo’. It really says something about out of context film stills.


  42. Howard Decker says:

    Hay, for Friday it’s Jumbo and Doris Day. They don’t make flickers like this any more.


  43. Rogét-L.A. says:

    And finally, the face I’ve been waiting for all week, Doris Day (who, at age 95, recently discovered she’s two years older than she originally thought) as Kitty Wonder, and Sydney the elephant as Jumbo.


  44. Sue Slutzky says:

    Mystery Guests: Monday – the Great Mantino or Stephen Boyd, Tuesday – Martha Raye, Wednesday – Jimmy Durante, Thursday – Stephen Boyd, Friday – Jumbo and Doris Day Movie: Billy Rose’s Jumbo


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