1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Oct. 10, 1944

Oct. 10, 1944, Comics

Oct. 10, 1944

Walter Winchell: All Around the Town

The Waldorf’s special entrance for private railroad cars … Ramshackle Lower East Side apartments without any bathing facilities – in the world’s most modern city .. The 22 reservoirs that supply the town with aqua … Sidewalk tie salesmen now hawking campaign buttons as a sideline … Debutantes perched on a limb of their family tree – looking down on the peasants … Greenwich Village trees that live without sun and water … Bowling Green, the burg’s oldest park, where the Injuns sold Manhattan … West Street, the most expensive waterfront property in the world: $470,000 an acre. At one time it was covered with water … Card sharps who sit in cheap hotel lobbies and practice shuffling cards … Grimy houses near Washington Market that were swanky mansions a century ago. Time rubs the glamour off everything.

Louella Parsons says: The news was hardly out that “Jubal Troop” had been postponed than Claudette Colbert was knee deep in scripts. The story that caught her attention, and the one she has accepted is “Guest Wife,” which she will do for Bruce Manning and Jack Skirball. But hold everything — that isn’t all! Don Amecho co-stars with Claudette. This means Don’s first independent fling, “What Manners of Love,” will wait.

Now it is Carole Landis wealthy Al Vanderbilt is beauing to the nightspots. Apparently he and K.T. Stevens are no longer romancing, for he is seeing the ex-Mrs. Wallace every eve.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer via Fultonhistory.com.

Oct. 10, 1944, Walter Winchell

Oct. 10, 1944, Louella Parsons

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2 Responses to 1944 in Print — Hollywood News and Gossip by Louella Parsons, Oct. 10, 1944

  1. mandymarie20 says:

    I adore the atmospheric tour of Winchell’s column. It’s like a little tour of NYC. You’d never see this wonderful kind piece today.


    • lmharnisch says:

      As a baby boomer, I only knew Walter Winchell as the narrator on “The Untouchables,” so it was a pleasure to discover his old columns from the 1940s. Winchell wrote these every so often, maybe every other month, and they certainly capture New York. These little items make you feel as if Winchell knew the entire city.


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