Greatest Generation … of Bad Drivers!


June 12, 1944

Note: This is a post that was on the clock but failed to go live. Here it is, two weeks later.

The Greatest Generation does not seem to be interested in conserving gas, tires, their automobiles or anything else and they ignore the federal 35-mph speed limit. In fact war workers are the worst offenders, according to the American Automobile Assn.

“Hundreds of thousands of these war workers are driving cars for the first time,” the AAA’s Thomas P. Henry said. “They are accorded top priority in cars, tires and gasoline and apparently proceed on the assumption that they have a divine right to replacement if a car is demolished or a tire destroyed.”

As part of a crackdown on bad driving across Southern California, police in Los Angeles cited 2,038 motorists for violations including DUI, speeding and defective headlights.

In the theaters: “Cobra Woman” and “Timber Queen.”

June 12, 1944, Cobra Woman

June 12, 1944, Bad Drivers

June 12, 1944, Traffic Tickets

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