LAPD Scrapbook: Rodger Young Village

Rodger Young Village

I stumbled across this photo in going through the LAPD scrapbooks at the city archives. This is Rodger Young Village, built for returning veterans due to the acute housing shortage in Los Angeles. This site is now occupied by the Autry museum.


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16 Responses to LAPD Scrapbook: Rodger Young Village

  1. Benito says:

    Recently saw “Miss Grant Takes Richmond” [1949] on cable. This comedy revolves around the acute postwar housing shortage, and how Lucille Ball and Bill Holden make it worse, before making it better. PS Those look like really lousy Quonset huts.


  2. Sherry Ramirez says:

    I spent my first couple of years at Roger Young Village after I was born in Glendale, California. My parents then bought a Veterans house in North Hollywood for $2,500. And wondered if they could afford the $25.00 house payments.


  3. John Scanlon says:

    I remember at the age of four my first day moving into our hut. I wanted to help but was told to stay out of the way and that would be help enough. Nothing but good memories of the village and the people who made it a great place to live.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Thanks for sharing!


      • brandy says:

        my name is brandy hanna i lived in rodger young village from 1947 to 1952 with my father john hanna, my mother marjory and brothers jeffrey and joe, and sister kevin our address was 1169. my dad was just back from the south pacific. my older brother jeff and i played all over the park. my dad worked at the village market. i loved growing up there.


  4. Mary says:

    My family-mom, dad, jerry, timmy my two brothers and I lived in the village from about 1946 to about 1952. I remember we lived a great life between the old zoo and travel town. We would go into the hills and as children lived the adventure. Roger Young Village was the best place to start life.



    The village life brings back great times in my life. We lived in the village until the summer of 1952. Being able to walk to the zoo, which was never closed . The archery range, hiking in the hills etc.


  6. Gary Cash says:

    We lived at 1213 Roger Young Village from 1946 (I was 5 and my brother was 7) until my father died in a motorcycle accident in 1950 and we returned to our birthplace, and grandparents home, in Bell, CA. It was a great place to live and full of children to pal around with. My brother and I took advantage of the ready access to Griffith Park for hikes and visits to the old zoo. The center of entertainment for kids was Rainbow Field, located at the end of the sidewalk that ran down the center of our quonset hut complex. It was used for all sporting activities and holiday events. The school was nearby and shopping was available at the shopping center which featured a Costco like market (food and sundry items were displayed in opened shipping boxes), a pharmacy, a barber shop and a theater. I can still remember the great snowfall in 1949 and walking to the shopping center through the thin covering of snow while bundled up against the cold.


  7. mary says:

    I was just a baby living at Roger Young Village probably about 1950-52 but I remember going to the zoo. I have some pictures of my parent’s house with me in it. My parents always talk a lot about the village it was the best time of their lives.


  8. Jeannie Smith says:

    I lived in the Roger Young Village from 1950 to 1952 with my 3 Sisters and a brother, don’t have a address and don’t remember it either. I do have several picture’s and today I have enjoyed reading all about it. I was four when we moved all of us kids had chicken pops. We were told that we had to move because it was sold and they were going to build Dodger Stadium there, can’t seem to find anything about that yet. My Mom was always talking about the place, she was a really good singer and made a few records while living in Hollywood growing up. Her Mom started “Bruce’s Merry Maker’s” that was my Mom’s maiden name. They would take new talent and sing on Military Bases for the USO during the War in 1942 to 1944. She stopped doing it to be a Mother and she was a good one to all six of us kids. There is only us kids left now but we had so many memories of our family’s on both sides and lots of picture’s. Just wanted to share. Jeannie


  9. Janet Papkin says:

    My father, George Papkin, MD and my mother’s brother, Maxwell Kassel, MD were the family physicians in Roger Young Village from 1946 to 1953 (approx.). After my dad died in 1996, the Autry Museum was pleased to take his original medical office furniture. It probably exists somewhere in their basement. I just have fond memories of lots of other little kids, a peaceful neighborhood feeling. Those were the days family practitioners did everything including delivering babies, setting bones, removing tonsils and on & on.
    Janet Papkin


  10. Violet Staley says:

    My name is Violet Staley and my family lived in Rodger Young village when I was born. I’m trying to learn more about it. Who was Rodger Young? My birthday is March 13, 1953. The rest of the family has passed…..I can be reached at We live in Maryland and are a retired military family. God bless you!


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