Through Witzel’s Lens: Edward Everett Horton

Edward Everett Horton by Witzel

A portrait of Edward Everett Horton by the Witzel studio has been listed on EBay. Witzel was one of the leading portrait studios in Los Angeles in the early part of the 20th century and took many publicity photos for film and stage actors. Bidding on the photo of Mr. Horton starts at $39.95. Notice that someone cropped it down to a mug shot and the crop lines are, alas, intact.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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3 Responses to Through Witzel’s Lens: Edward Everett Horton

  1. eve says:

    I love these Witzel shots, I wish someone would find an archive–is there one?–and do a coffee-table book on him. He deserves one.


  2. Eve says:

    Ha! Why I don’t I just deposit my paycheck directly into a wood-chipper?


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