Bill Would Bar Japanese From Owning Land

April 10, 1913, Cartoon
April 10, 1913: The Times seems to be featuring a woman artist, but it’s difficult to make out her elaborate signature. Is it N. Tanaga? V. Tanaga? V. Kanaga? Aha! she was Neva Kanaga. Further research indicates she was Neva S. Kanaga, who was 20 in 1912 and married to Marvin H. Brown, 23, of Fresno. She later worked as an illustrator under the name Neva Kanaga Brown.

On the jump, a clever piece of writing, typical of the era, about a bear that escaped from its owner at Main and 68th streets. And no, the police did not shoot the bear out of the palm tree.

Talk about unintended consequences: A bill before the Legislature designed to prevent Japanese farmers from owning land in California could apply to European investors as well. Oops.

April 10, 1913, Bear Escapes

April 10, 1913, Immigration

April 10, 1913, Immigration

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