Japanese Lieutenant Killed at Guadalcanal Went to USC

April 11, 1943, Zoot Suit Yokum

April 11, 1943, Philippes
April 11, 1943: And here begins one of my favorite “Li’l Abner” episodes: Zoot Suit Yokum.

The Times reports a strange encounter on Guadalcanal in which an unidentified Marine took a rifle from a wounded Japanese lieutenant.

According to Torrance Police Chief John Stroh,who had temporary possession of the rifle, before the Japanese lieutenant died, he told the Marine that he was from El Monte and had graduated from El Monte High School and USC. The lieutenant had apparently gone to Japan just before the war.

Hedda Hopper writes positively about “Mission to Moscow,” a movie she — and many others — denounced during the McCarthy era. (She also considered “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “Meet John Doe” to have communist influences).

Now filming: “Henry Aldrich Haunts a House,” “Corvettes in Action,” “Saratoga Trunk” and “A Guy Named Joe.”

April 11, 1943, Now Filming

April 11, 1943, Encounter

April 11, 1943, Mission to Moscow

April 11, 1943, Hedda Hopper

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  1. Cal and Lulu says:

    Our parents used to take the whole family to Philippe’s Restaurant in the 1940’s when it was located at 364 Aliso Street, across the street from the Maier Brewing Company. The main attraction was the inexpensive “French” Beef Dip sandwiches, (.59¢) ? but, the purple colored pickled eggs in a big jar on the counter were a favorite as well. In the early 50’s when the 101 Freeway was built Philippe’s moved to its present location. The 364 Aliso Street site was, ironically, the previous site of the important “El Aliso” Sycamore Tree that was a gathering place for Los Angeles’ indigenous Tongva people. Local leaders traveled from their villages across Southern California to confer under the shade of the tree’s canopy. (When we were gulping down our sandwiches, who knew?) Philippe’s is still a place we try to go to every couple of years. The price of the sandwich has increased a bit from those “good old days” in the 1940’s but the sandwich still tastes the same.


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