More 1940s Kitsch From the Abbotwares Studio

Abbotwares Horse Radio Ebay Abbotwares Horse Radio Ebay Saddle
Abbotwares Horse Clock Abbotwares Bucking Bronco

I’m frustrated because I couldn’t find anything really useful about Abbotwares in the clips after yesterday’s post. Apparently The Times didn’t consider its oeuvre worthy of coverage. Tsk tsk. The company is so obscure that there isn’t even an entry on Wikipedia (OK, you Wiki trolls, get busy!)

So I turned to EBay and discovered a bonanza.

Not just the horse/radio combination, but the horse/radio combination with miniature saddle… AND a horse/clock combo. Then there’s something I call “Bust of a Woman Being Bucked Off.”

But nothing compares to this (except possibly a Hula Girl Radio).

Abbotwres Jimmy Durante Bank

This is allegedly a bank, but doesn’t it seem vaguely (or not even vaguely) pornographic? I’m not sure who comes out looking worse in this, the people who made them or the people who bought them…

Photo 1: Atwater Kent’s Love Child With a Trophy Shop, on EBay at $99.99.
Photo 2: Atwater Kent’s Love Child With a Trophy Shop With Saddle, on EBay at $179.95.
Photo 3: Digital Watch’s Love Child With a Trophy Shop, on EBay at $249.99.
Photo 4: Bust of a Woman, on EBay at $399. To be honest, it’s just speculation that this is from the same studio. Yes, it is made by Abbotwares and it does have the same joie de horsey kitsch, but it would be nice to confirm it all the same.
Photo 5: The Jimmy Durante bank, on EBay at $145.

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6 Responses to More 1940s Kitsch From the Abbotwares Studio

  1. Celsius1414 says:

    That might be the long-lost Maltese Durante! Whoever wins it should break it open and see if there are jewels in the nose!


  2. sherry says:

    I don’t want to know what’s in that nose. Think I’ll pass.


  3. Bobber says:

    James Francis Durante, The Great Schnozzola 1893 – 1980 “Good night, Mrs. Calabash!”


  4. Laurene Surplice says:

    I have a piggy bank from Abbotwares and it’s an bandicoot can you tell me what it’s worth


  5. Ed Das says:

    They also made ashtrays with P-38 fighter planes as well as a B-26 bomber.


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