Found on EBay: Atwater Kent’s Love Child From a Drunken Night in a Trophy Shop

Horse Radio

Horse Radio

There isn’t much that shocks me anymore when it comes to 1940s kitsch. I grew up with a lot of it and saw even more when I prowled thrift stores. And there’s this … well, it looks like a drunken Atwater Kent wandered into a trophy shop and had a tryst with a loving cup.

Apparently, Abbotwares made a variety of horse radios, but my favorite is the Hula Girl radio, which is my new benchmark for horrifying yet fascinating decor.

Bidding on this item starts at $99.99. The vendor says it only pops and hums, but do you care?


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9 Responses to Found on EBay: Atwater Kent’s Love Child From a Drunken Night in a Trophy Shop

  1. Gary Martin says:

    Growing us in Kansas in the late 40’s early 50’s the environs were thronged with these horses …as radios, lamps, Statues, etc. likely ashtrays as well. While i cannot claim that I ever had innately good taste, I always thought these were complete trash. Only later, in NYC, did I acquire taste and realize that I had been correct in my first respionse.


  2. Not just Hetrodyne, but Super Hetrodyne.


  3. daughter of WW II says:

    Oh,how I wished the women in the family had saved those silk/satin pillows brought back for mom’s, wives, and sweethearts at the end of WW II.


  4. Undine says:

    I wouldn’t pay a hundred bucks for it, but I actually like that thing! (Yes, yes, pity me if you must.)


  5. Pamela Porter says:

    My former mother-in-law’s house was a monument to kitsch (and not in a good way). My favorite piece? The dreaded “rain” lamp – like this one:

    (rain provided courtesy of mineral oil that drips down monofilament threads)



  6. Pamela Porter says:

    Without the avocado green upholstered sofa and the black & gold flocked wallpaper, it loses a lot in translation, Larry. You’ll have to trust me 😉

    If “Double Indemnity” had been set in Boca Raton in the 1970s, their place would have been *perfect* for the Dietrichson house.



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