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Found on EBay – Masterpiece of 1940s Kitsch!

This kitsch masterpiece from the 1940s has turned up on EBay. This is one of the Abbotwares radios, which were made in Los Angeles. Abbotwares produced a whole series of these bronze figurines with radios, but my favorite is the … Continue reading

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More 1940s Kitsch From the Abbotwares Studio

I’m frustrated because I couldn’t find anything really useful about Abbotwares in the clips after yesterday’s post. Apparently The Times didn’t consider its oeuvre worthy of coverage. Tsk tsk. The company is so obscure that there isn’t even an entry … Continue reading

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Redwood revisited

Attention art sleuths: A close examination of the Redwood ad reveals this startling detail!   Yes, that’s right! According to this 1960 ad, the "famed ‘Poker Dog’ original oil paintings" were on display at the Redwood. And the paintings were … Continue reading

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