Shofar Flash Mob!

Greek Vase
Photo: The Volute Krater, which is being  returned to Italy. Credit: Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Adam Nagourney of the New York Times explores the different philosophies of treating history at the Reagan and Nixon presidential libraries.

But another exhibition that just opened at yet another presidential museum not far away — the Watergate installation at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda — has offered a stark challenge to the Reagan tribute here, exposing both the different ways that these two museums have chosen to remember their subjects and the different positions that the two former presidents hold in the nation’s and the Republican Party’s memory.

Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune reports on White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen taking his oldest son, Ozzie Jr., to the Negro Baseball Leagues Museum.

“I think being here in Kansas City, everyone should take a look at it, especially Latino and African-American players. To go look at it, all the stuff we went through and we come from different countries and play this game, to making a lot of money. Besides that, it will help baseball.”

The Los Angeles Public Library’s photo collection has a feature on the “Shades of L.A.” project, an effort to explore the city’s ethnic communities. The project also included oral history interviews with people such as African American attorney Walter Gordon Jr.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is returning a stolen Greek vase to Italian authorities. The vase was traced through a photo to art dealer Giacomo Medici, who was convicted of dealing in looted art. Mike Boehm in the L.A. Times Culture Monster.

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A shofar flash mob on Sunday in New York:   Triangle Square on Broadway and 66th street across the street from Lincoln Center 2:30pm; JCC in Manhattan (334 Amsterdam Avenue @76th Street) on the street 3:30pm

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