Daily Mirror Road Trip: Wavecrest 2011 [Updated]

Wavecrest 2011

Photo: Model A woodie. Credit: Larry Harnisch/LADailyMirror.com

I haven’t been to Wavecrest, the annual gathering of woodies at Moonlight Beach, in more than a decade, so I drove down Saturday. Here’s what I saw:


It was really difficult to get a clear shot of the cars because they were swarmed with people. I and this fellow in the picture were about the only men not wearing Hawaiian shirts.


Most of the cars were in beautiful shape. This one was a little rough and had spider glass.


Behold! A Packard with side-mounted spare and spotlight. Notice the gorgeous (and expensively restored) wooden body.


Ford was well-represented too.



And Buick.


And Plymouth/Dodge. There was also at least one Town and Country, but I didn’t get a picture of it. [Oh yes I did!]



[Update: This is the Town and Country. I thought I got a picture of it.]

Vintage accessories not only included hula dolls on the dash and fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror. I found a set of perfect period Scotch coolers and Samsonite luggage.

And, yes, drive-in food.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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9 Responses to Daily Mirror Road Trip: Wavecrest 2011 [Updated]

  1. John Piggott says:

    Are they not magnificent? I’d be tempted to swap an organ for one of them, especially with a Bing thrown in.


  2. Fibber McGee says:

    Great stuff, Larry.I drove to the Midwest in and back in a woodie like the reddish Ford in one of your photos.This was around 1960. It never skipped a beat. Of course, the pal I was on the trip with ran out of gas three times. He always tried to stretch the gas just one more mile too much. We ran out of gas the first time before we ever cleared LA city limits. Oh, well. We pulled a little teardrop trailer that had a sort of kitchen and in one park in Utah a lady traded us fresh baked bread for some coffee we brewd up for her in the trailer.


  3. eve says:

    Ooooh, I remember running boards–our first car when I was a wee tot had one. I don’t know what kind of car it was, but it looked like a big tan and white saddle shoe.


  4. Chris Morale says:

    Thanks for sharing, Larry. Looks like fun! We had a very small local show recently; there was a gorgeous customized Rolls Royce Woody – plate read “Surning UK”…too much fun!


  5. K Carlsson says:

    So similar to my family’s Ford woodie station wagon…your image made me so happy!


  6. Rinky Dink says:

    Our family had a green Desoto Woody Wagon when I was a kid — and also a couple of those Scotch coolers shown in one of your pictures. Brings back some good memories.


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