Found on EBay – J.D. Salinger Note

J.D. Salinger

This note attributed to J.D. Salinger has been listed on EBay. As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be thoroughly evaluated before submitting a bid. The note is listed as Buy It Now for $50,000.

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5 Responses to Found on EBay – J.D. Salinger Note

  1. eve says:

    And I thought I had lousy handwriting! I wonder if the recipient was ever able to decipher that scribble.


  2. hockeykevin says:

    Having spent part of my days at the hall of records in LA, trying to decipher the old handwritten deed books, I think I can figure this one out.

    It appears to say, “Please make sure all the errands are done before you go to the (gallery of history watermark interferes here), as I do not want to be bothered with insignificant things. Thank you, J. D. Salinger”


  3. Gregory Moore says:

    If you click on “visit store” on this eBay page, you’ll find that this seller has the most outrageously-priced items anywhere on the web, though their stock is certainly voluminous (12,640 listings, currently). To their credit, if you dig through their listings, they do have some amazing, rare items….but OY! the prices! Every time I go through their listings, I wonder, “Do they really ever sell ANYTHING?” If you don’t have a problem with paying $399 for a signed Bonnie Franklin or Abe Vigoda photo, this is the place for you!


  4. Mary Mallory says:

    Salinger’s sentence is “Please make sure all the errands are done before you go on vacation…”


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