June 25, 1938




Dropcap_w_1934 e have more fallout from Earle Kynette’s conviction in the Harry Raymond bombing. On the jump, The Times reports that seven officers will face a police board of rights on charges of obstructing the Raymond investigation.

Mayor Frank Shaw sends a letter to members of the county grand jury noting the achievements of the Police Department … but more important, he also tries to remove Police Commission Vice President Charles W. Ostrom. An attorney, Ostrom has clients who include Milton "Farmer" Page, a leading underworld figure. Shaw says Ostrom should either quit the commission or stop representing Page. Ostrom, however, says he will "go out fighting." 

Shaw was unable to remove Ostrom, who remained in office. But the victory was temporary… (Bonus fact: Ostrom died in 1959 at the age of 77).


Milton "Farmer" Page, above, was a major underworld figure in early Los Angeles and was among the defendants in the case against Tony Cornero’s gambling ship, the Rex. I’m going to have to dig up more about him; he sounds like quite a character.

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  1. zabadu says:

    Who is the actor near death in the cut off article on the bottom of the Kerr page?


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