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‘The Lid Off Los Angeles’ – Liberty Magazine Examines Corruption in the LAPD and at City Hall

On Nov. 11, 1939, Liberty magazine began a six-part series by Dwight F. McKinney and Fred Allhoff on the Harry Raymond bombing and the reform movement of Clifford E. Clinton. Liberty also published a response by Dist. Atty. Buron Fitts. … Continue reading

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‘Zoot Suit’ and History – Part 7

Photo: June 8, 1943 — A mob of servicemen stop a streetcar on Main Street to remove a passenger wearing a zoot suit. Here’s a second radio address by Los Angeles Mayor Fletcher Bowron, delivered June 16, 1943, on the … Continue reading

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July 30, 1938

  he search is on for a candidate to face Mayor Frank Shaw in the recall election. The Times story mentions Councilman Stephen W. Cunningham, but more important, it says that Judge Fletcher Bowron and Supervisor John Anson Ford "have … Continue reading

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July 14, 1938

he Times lists 25 prospective candidates to run against Mayor Frank Shaw in a recall election. Leading the list is Judge Fletcher Bowron, the eventual winner. The list also includes Judge Fricke, county Supervisor John Anson Ford, former Mayor Porter … Continue reading

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June 25, 1938

e have more fallout from Earle Kynette’s conviction in the Harry Raymond bombing. On the jump, The Times reports that seven officers will face a police board of rights on charges of obstructing the Raymond investigation. Mayor Frank Shaw sends … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

Mayor Frank Shaw says he has the "utmost confidence" in the LAPD’s investigation of the Harry Raymond bombing. He also says there is no evidence of police involvement in the blast … Allegations of police corruption in Arcadia … The … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

  Dist. Atty. Buron Fitts calls for a grand jury investigation … An update in the Paul Wright murder trial (by the way, the house in Glendale where the killings occurred was still standing as of a few years ago). … Continue reading

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Raymond bombing

Jan. 21, 1938Los Angeles The state attorney general’s office steps into the bombing investigation and everyone in our cast of characters gets ready for the drama. (I love the front page photo of Police Capt. Earle Kynette). On the jump, … Continue reading

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Mickey Cohen’s Cadillac

Would you like to see another picture of Mickey Cohen with one of his Cadillacs? Of course you would! This one is a bit mysterious. This is the Cadillac that took a few shots in 1949 outside Sherry's on the … Continue reading

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