Jan. 29, 1908

Wow. Despite what I know about local history, I’m stunned by the article on the mass firing of Japanese employees across the city … Los Angeles County is looking for another coroner … Bad news in the courts for automobile owners–and drivers … Horrible conditions at the county hospital … Women on East 1st Street exact muddy vengeance on the motorman of a streetcar after it ran down a fruit vendor–another exciting day on Los Angeles’ sainted transportation system!

Quote of the day: "When an unfortunate person is run over by a streetcar and his remains distributed for two blocks along the track, it is highly important that the county employ a special physician to find out what he died of."



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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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4 Responses to Jan. 29, 1908

  1. The Japanese story? Wow. Just wow. It’s like the reporter decided to use every stereotype and prejudice possible. What a world.
    –That was my reaction. There’s actually two issues here: What happened and how The Times covered what happened. Finding something like this is one of the unexpected bonuses of research.


  2. Dave says:

    There’s also some (probably) unintended enlightenment: “The hard times helped…” – makes you realize the economics of inflaming racism.
    Keep up the good work.


  3. zabadu says:

    “Little brown men”…”cocky”…”wily”… “imperious ways”…”undependable”…”we accepted them because there was nothing better”… Wow. It didn’t take much for the “white” employers to come up with all sorts of reasons for firing someone who probably did a very good job. Did you notice that one stated he now has “good Negro help”? I thought they were just waiting for the white guys to come work for them.
    Nice story about the overcrowded hospital – probably far less sanitary than claimed, and the coroner job, well – if a guy shoots his brains out, you do need to make sure he died of that and not heart disease…


  4. Carol Gwenn says:

    Your quote of the day: PRICELESS!


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