Fatal plunge

Oct. 26, 1957
Los Angeles

There are so many things we don’t about this case.

We don’t know where Elizabeth Eigel Senigram was going. We don’t know where she
had been. We don’t know if she had any relatives except an ex-husband, apparently Saul Senigram, 457 1/2 N. Ogden. (Here’s a little map, maybe it will help).

We don’t know what she looked like, except The Times said she was attractive.

We don’t know what kind of car she was driving when she went off Mulholland, except that it was apparently in good repair. We don’t even know exactly where she plunged from the road except that it was at a “gentle bend” near Coldwater Canyon. We don’t know whether it was an accident or whether
she was trying to commit suicide. If it was a suicide, she didn’t leave a note.

All we can tell is that her ex-husband ran Saul’s Auto and Brake Service, 8253 W. 3rd St. We do know that her Social Security number (324-12-6594) was issued in Chicago, as was Saul’s (350-01-8344). We do know that she was 49.  It looks like back in 1942 Saul was married to Ceil or Celia Senigram, with an auto repair business at 2801 Brooklyn Ave., and a home at 600 N. Soto.

According to the California death records, Celia died  in 1952, so perhaps Saul was a widower. The Times clips tell us that in 1943, Celia Senigram was an officer in the Sheridan Street PTA, so we might assume they had a child.

We do know that the firefighters who responded to the crash used a hose to lower a team 300 feet down the hillside to recover her body. We do know that she was pronounced dead at Hollywood Receiving Hospital.

And we do know that a year later, almost to the day, Saul Senigram was dead, Nov. 2, 1958. He was 55.

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2 Responses to Fatal plunge

  1. Richard H says:

    Saul and Celia Senigram definitely moved up in the world. Or Saul Senigram at least.
    2801 Brooklyn Ave. would be 2801 E. Cesar Chavez Ave. in Boyle Heights today. I remember that place. It was a small gas station and garage in the 1960’s. Probably just like it was when Saul Senigram owned it in the 1940’s. 600 N. Soto Street is the address of an apartment building that looks of preWW2 vintage.
    Looks like they were part of the mass exodus of jews that left Boyle Heights for the Westside after WW2. There were still many jewish owned businesses on Brooklyn Ave. in the 1960’s. Zellman’s was the last and closed up a couple of years ago.
    –Hey thanks for sharing!


  2. steve brown says:

    i worked with a woman named celia senigram at an ad agency in hollywood circa 1990-1992- could be coincidence


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