Confidential: Tells the Facts and Names the Names

The Mirror scores a jailhouse interview with L. Ewing Scott, plus one of Confidential magazine’s main informants, Francesca De Scaffa attempts suicide again. According to news reports, De Scaffa was so eager to be a Confidential source that she was willing to have affairs just to get information.

And in Mickey Cohen news, fallout from his televised blast at the LAPD and civic officials.

Page 1


Page 2


Page 16


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1 Response to Confidential: Tells the Facts and Names the Names

  1. Joe D'Augustine says:

    Another great , historic page of news. Unfortunately I can’t read the first page very well. The rocket fuel explosion is intriguing, it reminds me of the explosion that killed Jack Parsons, friend of L. Ron Hubbard [and] Aleister Crowley, an early rocket scientist.
    –Scanning the Mirror pages is tricky, unfortunately. Glad you’re enjoying it. Larry


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