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Black L.A. 1947: Black, Jewish Protesters Picket Disney’s ‘Song of the South’ at RKO Hillstreet

Above, the “trackless trolley,” which was powered by overhead cables but used tires rather than running on rails, is coming to Central Avenue. The trackless trolleys solved streetcars’ problems of maneuverability (passengers could board and disembark at the curb rather … Continue reading

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TCM Movie Camp: Do Your Homework

TCM’s “Movie Camp” hosts William Joyce, left, and Brandon Oldenburg. I tuned in to TCM’s “Movie Camp” over the weekend, not to watch these two fellows, but to catch “Hoppity Goes to Town” also known as “Mr. Bug Goes to … Continue reading

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Zoot Suit Riots, June 1943

A hipster duck wears a zoot suit in Disney’s  “The Spirit of ‘43.” In 2011, I took a look at the official Navy documents on the Zoot Suit Riots. Here they are: “Zoot Suit” and History, Part 1| Part 2 … Continue reading

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