Sirhan Trial, February 15, 1969

A Navy inquiry into the Pueblo incident, Gabby Hayes dies, a landslide closes the Pomona Freeway and the State Board of Education decides that a school is racially imbalanced if there’s a 15% difference from the racial makeup of youngsters in the surrounding neighborhood.

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3 Responses to Sirhan Trial, February 15, 1969

  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    George ‘Gabby’ Hayes had a short lived TV show that ran fifteen minutes and was sponsored by the breakfast cereal that was ‘shot from guns’. (Great for tyro cereal killers.)
    Another one-of-a-kind character actor who was ‘old when he was young’.
    Mel Brooks tried to satirize him in ‘Blazing Saddles’, but the actor was miscast.


  2. What was this summary page, something like the Week in Review? My Times reading was limited to the sports section back in 69. This sure seems like a good method of one-stop shopping, complete with a news quiz!


  3. This was from the News in Review section, which appeared on Sundays in Opinion.


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