Yorty Elected Mayor!



  June 1, 1961, Times Cover  

  June 1, 1961, Comics  

June 1, 1961: Sam Yorty defeats Norris Poulson in the mayor’s race. Poulson says one reason for his loss was the Memorial Day riot in Griffith Park in which a mob of African Americans attacked a small group of LAPD officers. The riot broke out when the operator of the merry-go-round tried to eject a teenager who had gotten on without paying, The Times said. Two men were eventually convicted in the incident.

  May 31, 1961, Griffith Park riot  


Ross R. Davis, left, 75, owner of merry-go-round where a riot flared when he tried to evict a youth, stands with John Topero, 45, a ticket seller, who has a bandage over his left eye where he was struck. Police stand by, background.
  May 31, 1961, Griffith Park Riot  

  May 31, 1961, Griffith Park Riot  

Clarence Smith, 38, right, who was knocked down and kicked during Griffith Park riot when he tried to aid police, is helped into car by Policeman John Conver after disorder was quelled. Four policemen also were hurt in the melee.

  June 1, 1961, Griffith Park riot  

  Oct. 25, 1961, Griffith Park Riot  
  June 1, 1961, Yorty  

  June 1, 1961, Yorty  

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