Death Reveals ‘Burglar’ Is Suspicious Husband in Disguise

  Jan. 18, 1911, Lynching


  Jan. 18, 1911, Lighting Fixtures  
  Jan. 17, 1911, Jealousy  

Jan. 18, 1911: Jealousy takes a tragic turn in Long Beach as a suspicious husband tries to catch his wife cheating on him with a house guest and is shot to death when the guest mistakes him for a burglar.

In Shelbyville, Ky., two victims escape from a mob trying to hang them from a railroad bridge over a creek. One man flees when the rope breaks and he plunges into the creek and while the mob is chasing him, the other man frees his hands and gets out of his noose. 


  Jan. 18, 1911, Jealousy  

  Jan. 18, 1911, Lynching  

A Shelby County grand jury that might have investigated the lynching … ignored the whole matter.

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