Movieland Mystery Photo – William Desmond Taylor Crime Scene Edition


Note: This is an encore post from 2010.

Well, this should be fun – for me, anyway. What’s the mystery? That’s for you to figure out. A typical room of a certain era, eh?

[Update: Oct. 13, 10:56 a.m. Everybody seems to recognize this as William Desmond Taylor’s apartment on Alvarado. Stay tuned for more photos!]

Mary Mallory, Donna, Carol Gwenn, Steven Bibb, Anne Papineau, Allison Francis, Gregory Moore, Lee Ann, Thom and Megan, Zabadu and RJ are on the case!

Periwinkle, James Curtis, Bruce Long, Elsie, Pamela Porter, Pete Nowell, Patricia van Hartesveldt and Rinky Dink are on the right track!

Remember, you do not have to fight, you do not have to struggle, you only have to know.” “Know what?”

Hullo? What’s this hanging ’pon the wall, Holmes? “Remember, you do not have to fight, you do not have to struggle, you only have to know.”  What d’you spose that’s  all about?

Let’s do this orderly like, Watson. On the table, a tray with a cocktail shaker and two cocktail glasses and two pieces of stemware. A plant and what appears to be a ‘phone book.

What’s this on the wall, then? Some sort of proclamation, eh? Appears to be a bit mussed or torn.







Hum! What do you make of these photos? Theatrical people, I’d say. But I don’t recognize a single one of them, eh?

Odd sort of cabinet, I must say. Very neatly kept, though.

William_Desmond_Taylor_Crime_Scene_13And this bit of bar apparatus?

Looks like a kitchen to the rear. With some sort of mangy looking plant on the counter, wouldn’t you say? Wait a moment – what’s this? Looks like a jacket on the back of that chair.



Hullo! What’s this, then? In the midst of this neat, tidy home, where nothing is out of place,  we find a burned match, ashes and a cigarette butt in this fancy tray? Someone must have forgotten their manners. Or isn’t there an ashtray about?

My dear Holmes, it says Chesterfield!

Here’s our mystery chap with a mystery companion. Pity we can’t find the original, but this is the best we can do.

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