Movieland Mystery Photo – William Desmond Taylor Edition


Note: This is an encore post from 2010.

[Updated Oct. 30, 8:58 a.m. Yes, these are more photos from the William Desmond Taylor photo file. Above, a photo of Taylor from “Iconoclast.”]


[Several people have speculated about the signature on the letter I posted earlier in the week. There’s no information on the back, but here’s an enlargement of the signature.]

Update: I’ve decided to extend our mystery chap through the week. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.  Here’s our weekend mystery chap. This week’s mystery guest was Tish Sterling with mystery companions Michael Douglas, Nicholas Buttle and her mother, Ann Sothern.

There’s a new photo on the jump!

[Update: This is Sgt. William Desmond Taylor, left, in an undated photo taken in Bergues, France.]

Here’s our mystery guest with some mystery companions.

Now folks, notice the three stripes, which I’m sure everyone will realize indicates the rank of sergeant.

Pvt. William Desmond Taylor, right, with Co. B, 5th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, Bergues, France.

[Update: Mabel Normand on the witness stand in William Desmond Taylor’s inquest, with Coroner Nance at extreme left.]

Here are some mystery folks talking about our mystery chap. (Yes, the photo is unfocused, dark  and heavily retouched). Please congratulate Herb Nichols, Pat in Michigan, Allison Francis, Mary Mallory, Eve and Steven Bibb for identifying our mystery fellow.

[Update: I have no idea who this fellow is. There’s nothing on the back of the photo and the caption published in The Times said the district attorney’s office was protecting his identity.]

Here is a mystery companion who truly is a mystery companion. The district attorney’s office kept his identity a secret in the case of this week’s mystery guest. Please congratulate Dewey Webb and Rick Scott for identifying our mystery chap.



Here we have some pages of a mystery letter! Unfortunately, it’s incomplete. Please congratulate Donna for identifying our mystery fellow.

William_Desmond_Taylor_09Here’s our mystery fellow – not much of a mystery anymore!  Please congratulate Steve Stoliar, Julie Merholz, Periwinkle, Waldo Lydecker, Mike Hawks, Rance Ryan, Rick, Sandy, Randy Skretvedt and Kauma for identifying our mystery guest.

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