Hollywood Photography at Auction: George Hurrell and Cecil Beaton

M39551-2 001

Gary Martin of the Brain Trust passes along word of several lots of photos being auctioned by Swann Auction Galleries. The auction is April 18.

He notes Lot 91, a set of 10 signed photographs by George Hurrell, including Anna May Wong, above, plus John Barrymore, Charles Boyer, James Cagney, Joan Crawford, Jascha Heifetz, Veronica Lake, Gilbert Roland, Ann Sheridan and Gene Tierney. The lot also includes an introduction by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and a certificate of authenticity, printed in 1980.

He also points out Lot 92, nude photos of Nita Naldi and Dorothy Smith by Alfred Cheney Johnston. Lot 177, Marilyn Monroe, photographed by Cecil Beaton. And Lot 310, Liza Minnelli, Brad Pitt, Don King, Tom Wolfe and others photographed by Ken Regan.

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2 Responses to Hollywood Photography at Auction: George Hurrell and Cecil Beaton

  1. thestarlightstudiosbcglobal.net says:

    Suckers, this is your cue to line up, cash in hand. But maybe you aren’t that dumb. Maybe you read the history of these “portfolio” prints in a book titled George Hurrell’s Hollywood.


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