Black Dahlia: Caught in the Act – Steve Hodel Adds Lies to George Hodel’s Wikipedia Page


So I just caught Steve Hodel inserting a nice, fat lie in his dad’s Wikipedia page. Oh this is so much fun!


Steve Hodel is trying to link the Black Dahlia and Suzanne Degnan killings. So he’s inserted this huge lie in his dad’s Wikipedia page.

How do we know it’s a lie? Because I happen to have the Jan. 8, 1946, copy of the Chicago Tribune, which says:

Chicago Tribune, Jan. 6, 1946.
“he discovered the child’s torso in a gutter sewer.”

So no, the killer did horrible things to the body of Suzanne Degnan. But he didn’t cut her in half. That’s a lie perpetrated by Steve Hodel.

And why?


Because Steve wants to tie the Black Dahlia and Suzanne Degnan killings together. So it fits with his claim that the body of Elizabeth Short was left on Norton Avenue as a “pointer” to Degnan Boulevard.

And would you believe it? Steve stole that idea. Flat-out stole it.

Here. Not only is this a stupid idea, it’s a *stolen* stupid idea.


All lies, folks. All of it nothing but lies.

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10 Responses to Black Dahlia: Caught in the Act – Steve Hodel Adds Lies to George Hodel’s Wikipedia Page

  1. Jeanne Marie Spicuzza says:



  2. James says:

    I went along with Steve Hodel. I think it’s at least possible George Hodel did it. Where Steve really lost it is when he starts accusing his father of every murder in North America ( and a few in the Pillippines ) including the Zodiac killing which isn’t even remotely possible.


  3. miselainis says:

    I was looking at that entry just last night, while watching I Am the Night, as a refresher, and was thinking “I don’t remember Degnan having that done to her.” Thanks for letting me know this wasn’t just my faulty memory!


  4. James says:

    I’m waiting for his next book where he blames his father for the Kennedy Assassination .


  5. David says:

    This really has consumed Steve’s life. It’s kind of sad actually. Even worse, he’s bringing others into it; family, deceased people who can’t defend themselves. I think hes in so deep he can’t even see reality at this point. Every week he’s “found new evidence.” It’s just crazy.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Steve Hodel’s “theories” tainted the life story of Fauna Hodel. Her life is interesting on its own but once Steve published “Black Dahlia Avenger,” she incorporated all of that into her world view. Suddenly George Hodel had been *following* her most of her life (he was living in Hawaii and then the Philippines since 1951). He became the mysterious force that squelched her movie, etc.

      Steve has had various enablers over the years… The TV producers who wanted to kick their ratings for sweeps months always had Steve on with “new” evidence. The elevator pitch of “ex-cop learns dead dad is serial killer” has been irresistible for the supermarket press and other news outlets that deal in one-source stories (“Author Says Crazy Thing! We Publish It!)

      Anybody who makes a rigorous independent inquiry into Steve Hodel’s claims (or John Gilmore’s claims, for that matter) — and I recommend that people do that — will find lots and lots of sawdust in the sausage. All sorts of distortion, misrepresentation, lies and fakery. People who come to the Black Dahlia case knowing nothing about it cannot imagine the magnitude of Steve Hodel’s lies.


  6. Eve says:

    Hey! I been sayin’ crazy things for years, howcum no one buys the movie or TV rights?

    MY father killed the Black Dahlia–my parents were living in Upstate New York in 1947, and . . . ummm . . . my father went our for cigarettes while Mom was making dinner, flew cross-country, killed the Black Dahlia, and was back just as the roast was on the table.

    Where’s my movie contract?


  7. lee preston says:

    You know, I can understand maybe wanting to make a few bucks…and i can even understand not liking one’s father so much, but Hodel takes everything to the absurd. He now thrives off of the publicity and truly reilshes in being a “C” grade celebrity. Steve now frequents ghost shows and regails the audience with his memories of living with his father “the serial killer”. Okay, if it were true? Fair enough. But Steve has no real evidence other than some “expert” testimony and “a cop’s intuition”. What if his father didn’t do it? Well, I think Steve probably disliked his Dad enough that he doesn’t care. In fact, I think he enjoys dragging his father’s name through the mud.
    I’m not sure what that’s about? Abandonment? He blames his Dad for his mother’s death? Who knows?
    But I know for a fact this crusade is personal….not business.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Steve Hodel’s claims have become increasingly fictionalized. I can’t keep up with them anymore.

      The latest seems to be that there was a $50,000 payoff to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. And there are his other bizarre claims, like Elizabeth Short “investigating” the Suzanne Degnan killing. And George Hodel “rushing” back from China to deal with her. (“Rushing” back from China in 1946 — now there is a concept). Completely contradicts Steve’s original account that George Hodel came back from China — probably after suffering a heart attack — and was hospitalized until November 1946.

      And I won’t even bother with Steve’s Zodiac claims as the Zodiac people have addressed them so well.

      At this point, the Hodel family is running a massive grift to cash in on George Hodel and other conveniently dead people.


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