Black Dahlia: My Annual Donation in Memory of Elizabeth Short

Heading Home

As longtime readers know, I always begin a new year with an annual donation in memory of Elizabeth Short to Heading Home, which works with the homeless in the Boston area.

Partly because of my research on Elizabeth Short, I try to make the issue of homelessness a continuing theme of the Daily Mirror. I donate to an agency in the Boston area because of Elizabeth Short’s connections there, but Los Angeles also has a severe, chronic problem with homelessness and there are many local agencies that welcome donations.  I believe people will find this more meaningful in the long term than, for example, leaving a bottle of liquor and some cigarettes at her grave, especially since Elizabeth Short didn’t smoke and rarely drank.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Black Dahlia: My Annual Donation in Memory of Elizabeth Short

  1. Tony Valdez says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Larry. I donated to Heading Home several years ago but lost track of the organization. I’ll take care of that as soon as I wish you a happy New Year. Hope you’re enjoying retirement!


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