Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

Aug. 25, 2018, Mystery Movie
This week’s mystery movie has been 1958/59 film “Das Indische Grabmal” or “The Indian Tomb.”  With Debra Paget, Paul Hubschmid, Claus Holm, Walther Reyer, Sabine Bethmann, Rene Deltgen, Inkijinoff, Jochen Brockmann, Richard Lauffen, Jochen Blume and Helmut Hildebrand. From the novel by Thea von Harbou, screenplay by Werner Jorg Luddecke, original screenplay by Richard Eichberg. Music by Gerhard Becker, photography by Richard Angst.   An Artur Brauner production.  Directed by Fritz Lang.

“The Indian Tomb” is available on DVD from Amazon.

“The Indian Tomb” is the continuation of “Der Tiger von Eschnapur” and the two films were combined by American International Pictures as “Journey to the Lost City.”

Writing in the New York Times (Dec. 8, 1960) Eugene Archer said:

“Journey to the Lost City” should have genuine appeal for children under 12 years and for the most esoteric connoisseurs of cinematic technique. Viewing the new import yesterday at its neighborhood theater opening, a more reasonable majority of filmgoers found it merely ridiculous….

This exhilarating nonsense — astonishingly set in a remote province of contemporary India — is played in appropriate deadpan style by its cast, particularly Miss Paget, who at one point performs a temple dance with all the bumptious flair of a latter-day Sally Rand.

Aug. 20, 2018, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mystery gent.

Update: This is Victor Francen.

Aug. 21, 2018, Mystery Photo
For Tuesday, we have two mystery gents.

Update: Many apologies to Mary Mallory and Tucson Barbara. I made a mistake while previewing the movie in German in assuming that the mystery fellow on the right was Gen. Dagh (Guido Selano). After going through the horribly dubbed English version, I have identified our mystery gents as Jochen Brockmann, right, and Panos Papadopulos.

Aug. 22, 2018, Mystery Photo

Für Mittwoch, we have a mystery frau.

Update: This is Sabine Bethmann.

Aug. 23, 2018, Mystery Photo
For Thursday, we have a mystery snake….

Aug. 23, 2018, Mystery Photo


Update: This is Inkijinoff and Walther Reyer.

Note: Our mystery director made two foreign films that were combined into one picture for release in the United States. So I’m giving credit for either of the foreign films or the U.S. compilation.

Brain Trust roll call: Mike Hawks (mystery movie and Wednesday’s mystery woman), Tucson Barbara (mystery movie, Monday’s mystery mystic and Wednesday’s mystery woman), Mary Mallory (mystery movie, Monday’s mystery mystic and Wednesday’s mystery woman) and Bruce Reznick (mystery movie and Friday’s upcoming mystery woman).

Aug. 24, 2018, Mystery Photo

For Friday, we have our mystery leading lady’s hand…. You were expecting something else, perhaps?

Update: This is Debra Paget.

Brain Trust roll call: Mary Mallory (Thursday’s mystery guests), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mystery frau and Thursday’s mystery guests), Tucson Barbara (Thursday’s mystery rajah), Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery guests), Benito (mystery movie) and Beachgal (mystery movie, Wednesday’s mystery frau, Thursday’s mystery guests)

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35 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    KIM (1950).


  2. aryedirect says:

    From Thief of Bagdad?


  3. Charles Kjelland says:

    King of the Khyber Rifles?


  4. Anne Papineau says:

    Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves?


  5. Gary says:

    On the right, Leon Askin in Son of Sinbad.


  6. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Since we seem to be visiting Germany is the lady Sabine Bethmann which would make this JOURNEY TO THE LOST CITY 1960.


  7. tucsonbarbara says:

    “The Tiger of Bengal”

    Monday – could be Victor Francen
    Tuesday – Rene Deltgen and Jochen Brockmann
    Wednesday – Sabine Bethmann


  8. Mary Mallory says:

    THE INDIAN TOMB. Victor Francen Monday, Richard Lauffen and Jochen Brockmann Tuesday, and Sabine Bethmann today.


  9. Bruce Reznick says:

    Based on your choice of language, how about “Journey to the Lost City” by Fritz Lang? If so, what w***pedia refers to as “Debra Paget’s erotically charged `snake dance scene’.” would have to be the Friday highlight.


  10. Mary Mallory says:

    Valery Inkijinoff and Walther Reyer today.


  11. Mary Mallory says:

    Helmut Hildebrand and Rene Deltgen Tuesday.


  12. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    THE INDIAN TOMB (1959)
    Wed. Sabine Bethmann
    Thursday: Valery Inkijinoff & Walther Reyer


  13. tucsonbarbara says:

    Walther Reyer


  14. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Are Valery Inkijinoff and Walther Reyer talking about Debra Paget.


  15. Benito says:

    Guessing The Indian Tomb 1959. Even if I’m wrong, don’t miss Debra Paget’s dance!


  16. beachgal says:

    Ah .. is this The Indian Tomb?


  17. Mary Mallory says:

    Debra Paget and about the only two actors left for Tuesday are Guido Celano and Jochem Blume.


  18. Anne Papineau says:

    Debra Paget in Fritz Lang’s “The Indian Tomb,” oder, auf Deutsch, “Das indische Grabmal”


  19. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    The mother of Debra Paget was in burlesque and helped choreograph. Debra gets ready to strip for action in today’s image.


  20. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Debra Paget has magic fingers.


  21. beachgal says:

    Friday’s hand actress is Debra Paget right before she drops the cape and begins her dance.


  22. Diane Ely says:

    The film must have the word “emerald” in it.


  23. tucsonbarbara says:

    Debra Paget, whose costume underneath that robe would probably never have made it past the censors if the movie had been a U.S. production.


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